Kuchera announced the new hospitalization of the director “Dunno”

The multiplier exacerbated a chronic disease. Director of Soviet puppet cartoons Alexander Bogolyubov was again hospitalized in a hospital in Moscow. This was announced by his son – TV presenter Oscar Kuchera. “Everything will be fine,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying. According to media reports, Bogolyubov once again exacerbated a chronic disease. Previously, he […]

“In Barranquilla the networks made believe that the virus did not exist”

In the framework of the accountability of the Ministry of Health and before the question of EL HERALDO about the attention of the coronavirus pandemic in Barranquilla and Atlántico, which are among the territorial entities with the highest infections, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso , warned this Tuesday that work is carried […]

The doctors called another complication coronavirus: a third of patients

Of all types of delirium – a mental illness that is accompanied by dizziness and hallucinations that we are most familiar with the delirium tremens aka “delirium tremens”. This diagnosis comrade Caax put featured in the film “Caucasian captive”. But delirium is not always occurs in alcoholic soil. Recently revealed that approximately 20-30% of cases […]

Doctors have recognized the danger to people walking to “banish Putin” shaman :: Society :: RBC

Alexander Gabyshev (Photo: Warrior-shaman-Alexander Gabyshev / Facebook) In Yakutia, the Commission neuropsychiatric clinic recognized shaman TM Alexander, who went to Moscow to “banish Putin” threat to himself and others. RBC said the lawyer, “Advocacy Cards” Alexey Pryanishnikov. “This information I have confirmed Alexander Gabyshev Yakut, and head of the neuropsychiatric clinic who told me that […]

Covid-19: on the trail of the enigmatic “patient zero”

What if the coronavirus epidemic had started in France well before the end of January? “The first cases of Covid-19? We will surely have surprises ”, says Professor William Dab, former director general of health. “The first cases surely occurred well before the start of 2020, contrary to what we initially thought, abounds Dominique Costagliola, […]

Coronavirus in the Yvelines. 106-year-old dean of an Ehpad survived Covid-19

Hélène Lefèvre, resident of Ehpad Richard in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) has recovered from the Covid-19 that she was diagnosed with a few weeks ago. According to information from Parisian, she tested positive on April 15 and needed no hospitalization. A great story for a 106 year old woman. “Our dean is a very alert woman who […]

Is it true that nicotine users contract Covid-19 less?

Hello, Many case studies demonstrate this unequivocally: smokers who contract Covid-19 have a greatly increased risk of developing severe forms of the disease. In this work, we find that the proportion of smokers is two to four times higher in severely ill patients than in those with a moderate form of the disease. On the […]

Covid-19 sufferers from heart attacks caused by their treatment

These unwanted side effects have resulted in the death of several people. The ANSM calls for monitoring the molecules tested in the framework of the epidemic. 266883329 / dong – stock.adobe.com A hundred cases of adverse reactions “In connection with medicines used in patients infected with Covid-19”, including 82 serious events which led to four […]