New parts of Cuckoos: What’s going on behind the camera?

All the main heroes returned to the square, including the doyens of Petr Kostka (84) and Libuše Švormová (86). And director Biser Arichtev (45) pampers them directly! During the break between the individual paintings, for example, he massaged his serial great-grandfather Kostek’s stiff back. He was very happy that he won the popular actor again […]

David of Granite showed his son: Anger and apology immediately

Gransky’s wife, Nikola, gave birth on Thursday night. The birth was long and demanding, and eventually the doctors decided to end it by caesarean section. Because both mother and little Mateo were in the intensive care unit, their followers had to wait for the first family photo! The news of the birth leaked to the […]

45 pounds to show! Žilková showed off her body in a swimsuit

One of our most successful and also our most popular actresses, Veronika Žilková, reaps one trump after another. Announcement that her husband Martin Stropnický is still with her wants to get divorced and that he has been maintaining a love affair with thirty-year-old blonde Markéta Horňáková for three years nowwho is a Czech consular attaché […]

Little Lilibet celebrates her 1st birthday: Reddish like Dad Harry!

The couple took advantage of this and took Lilibet’s official picture of her. He was photographed by their friend Misan Harriman at a picnic in the backyard of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, which was also visited by other children from royal circles. It probably hasn’t been here yet! Royal dinner on the beach in Santa […]

Cracked and disgusting? Adamovská in the footsteps of Brejchová

“Now I had them at home for four days, they went to bed with them at nine and I didn’t mind at all,” Adamovská revealed about her grandchildren. to the Super newspaper and added: “One realizes one’s mental and physical limits with them.” She gets on well with her children. He spends time with them […]

Stars Zlata Adamovská and Jana Krausová: They grow old with grace!

According to both ladies, the most important thing is enough sleep, no stress, regular care and satisfaction. Daily ritual While Jana never underwent any intervention, Zlata did admit one smaller one. “The only thing I ever underwent was eyelid surgery, but it’s kind of old age and has it everywhere today,” Aha said! The actress […]

Leo Dicaprio on the beach with Camila Morrone: He kissed a girl and a dog!

Oscar-winning sweetheart Leo pampered and pampered his sweetheart on the beach in Malibu, as if he was playing his biggest lover. He hugged, stroked, kissed the model and star Camila Morrone (24) and finally pressed a few sweet kisses on her forehead. The sun was shining beautifully, leaning against the sand, the sea was roaring, […]

Moderator war! Janeckova was enraged by Písařovicová

Daniela had a guest on DVTV, Czeslaw Walek (47) from We Are Fair, which strives for marriage for everyone. As a well-known supporter of minorities, Ester was looking forward to the interview. “I was very happy to get a place in the media for the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The We Are Fair […]

Lose right after winning! Is the confectioner swallowing tears?

Yes, there are also many viewers who wish Martina a victory, but they were still in the minority on Facebook yesterday. “So this didn’t work out, the winner was another baker or a baker. As soon as Zdeněk dropped out, it was all so weird. And then it went on and on, “Martina Linertová wrote. […]

Princess Sadly, madly: Did her sister-in-law Caroline kick her out of the palace?

This is the sister of Prince Albert II. (65) According to the daily Bild, she dragged her sister-in-law, Princess Charlene (44), out of the palace, in the desire to become the unofficial first lady of Monaco. According to the French magazine Voici, Charlene signed a secret agreement with her wife, under which she receives 300 […]