Tennis player Plíšková: She ran away in disgrace, but …

Tennis player Karolína Plíšková (28) As a result, a great disgrace escaped Rome. She lost 0: 6, 1: 2 with the Romanian Halepová, when she dueled the duel due to a sore thigh. “I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the match, but I have to be 100% against Simona. And she played great, “she bowed to […]


While her husband Stefan Margita (64) claimed that she was released from the hospital on Thursday, the singer admitted that she unfortunately had to return there. “I feel better,” Zagor tried alleviate the sad news. The debilitating fevers are over. But now her blood has to be piled up. Hanka has been battling the rare […]

Menzel and Whimsical Summer: Why did Laufer set out and occupy himself ?!

You will not enter the same river twice! The recently deceased director Menzel was also convinced of the truth of this saying. Bet on Václav Neckář (76), whom he cast in his Oscar-winning film Closely Watched Trains, came out, so he decided to bet on a similar card again. He was tough “I thought that […]

This hasn’t been here before: Viewers Sunny Rage because of …

Josefíková had on Thursday on TV Prima premiere in the series Slunečná. It was one of the fastest engagements for the actress. Everything was baked in practically a few hours, when the creators called her and offered her the role. “It was a quickie. Before I nodded, it was important for me to talk to […]

According to the pole in the queen’s back: Perhaps Harry doesn’t mean that!

Before Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (39) left the royal family, they promised to divide their time between the United States and Great Britain. So far, however, the prince’s heart seems to be drawn more to the United States than to his homeland. During an interview with British rugby players, he revealed that he […]

Ondřej Havelka (66): Finally a WEDDING … That it took him!

Slivovice from the great butcher Tomáš Lajza flowed and the smell of food wafted through the village. Vojta’s father, actor and singer Ondřej Havelka (66), with his first wife, Vojta’s mother, actress Kateřina Lírová (69), once robbed the wedding guests of a feast and toasts. “One day Káťa asked me if I had a program […]

Great joy with Andrej Babiš: A NEW ADDITION to the family!

Babiš they made another furry friend for their two pets, as the website writes. This is a puppy of the breed red toy poodle, which complemented the dog pack, which also consists of a female golden retriever Ella and a German shepherd Tango. Babiš’s new joy: “Left Gigi, our new red toy poodle. To […]

Agatha about returning to Prachar: Radical decision shocks!

Although the coronavirus pandemic has built up their divorce proceedings, now everything is in full swing. “The divorce has begun. I won’t say more about it. I hope it will be over soon. The wedding is more pleasant, of course, it’s not an easy thing. But life is not what you want, but what you […]