Escape from Ukraine leads Brazilians to Hohenstein | free press

Football is being played again in Ukraine. Despite the war, Shakhtar Donetsk and Metalist Kharkiv faced each other on Tuesday at the National Stadium in Kyiv. A situation that was probably completely unthinkable for Jonathan Santiago at the end of February this year. The 31-year-old Brazilian, who now plays for the Bundesliga…

Does running in the heat really burn more calories?

The heat wave this summer does not seem to subside. But, while for most people it will mean spending a day looking for refreshment in the mountains, at the sea or at the limit in the pool, for those who are already training for the autumn races, training cannot stop. But what happens to the […]

Elodea | esotic ‘alien’ seaweed

There is an invasive ‘alien’ plant on the waters of the Po and the fault lies entirely in the anomalous heat. To ascertain this, following the proliferation of aquatic vegetation in the stretch of the city river, several inspections by the ARPA together with the Municipality of Turin, Enea, the Metropolitan City and the volunteers […]

West Nile, the mosquito virus in Italy early due to the heat

The scorching summer and the already hotter spring than usual caused the infectious insects to appear earlier than necessary. Gioia Capelli, health director of the Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie, underlines how in 2022 the cases could be particularly high. However, it is difficult to make predictions: compared to other years with high numbers, such […]

Stock exchange inputs on Spotify for, among others, the ECB, EVN, Verbund (Lielacher), AT&S

07/23/2022, 5060 characters A selection from the editors of and ECB, Gold and H&RHot Bets Episode 341 the podcast about hot stocks from Today on the podcast, Hot Bets, we are talking about the shares of Barrick Gold and H&R. For more details, have a listen! IMPORTANT: The values ​​discussed are […]

Burst of illness, 300 in the hospital: “Dehydration and exotic diseases”

TREVISO – They increase illness and dehydration. But also diseases of exotic origins, starting from the Nile virus (West Nile) spread by common mosquitoes, up to tick TBE. The heat puts a strain on the health of Treviso people from all points of view. The most affected are the elderly. The Ca ‘Foncello emergency room […]

Heat waves, how to avoid damage to health

When very high temperatures are recorded for several consecutive days, associated with high humidity and lack of ventilation, we speak of heat waves. A climatic condition that is not without consequences on our body. What happens inside us, how to avoid health risks and who above all must be protected? We asked Dario Manfellottoof the […]