Huawei announces its billing amid US sanctions

Huawei is considered the world leader in the 5G network, a new standard for mobile technologies that should revolutionize the internet and whose deployment should be accelerated. But the group is in the crosshairs of the US president’s administration Donald Trump, who accuses him of spying for Beijing. The company’s founder Ren Zhengfei’s military past, […]

China threatens Sweden with retaliation for vetoing Huawei and ZTE in 5G network | WORLD

China urged Sweden to “correct its mistake” after banning Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE access contracts for the deployment of the technology 5G in that country and thus “negative impacts” on business and trade between the two countries. “China deplores Sweden’s decision. Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese companies respect local laws and contribute to the […]

AIS Serenade x HUAWEI emphasizes being a strategy partner, launching a new 5G smartphone campaign to respond to the digital urban lifestyle trend.

AIS, the nation’s No. 1 leader in network innovation and digital services, joins Huawei alliance, the world’s leading provider of information and communications technology infrastructure, technology equipment manufacturers and developers. Announced a strategic partner to develop 5G network innovation and offer exclusive promotions for Thai people to experience the speed and strength continuously. Recently, jointly […]

This is Huawei Mate 40 and Pro Plus

First and foremost: “Information on availability, price and colors for the Huawei Mate 40 series in Norway will come later.” Mate 40 Pro and Pro Plus revealed The Euro prices, we have them, and are as follows: Mate 40 Pro Plus: 1399 euro Mate 40 Pro 1199 euro Now that it’s clarified, we can jump […]

Revenge of Sweden! 5G construction China Huawei OUT ZTE demolished within a time limit | International | New head shell Newtalk

Sweden is embarking on 5G construction. The Post and Telecommunications Administration has called it national security and announced that it will exclude China’s Huawei and ZTE and fire the EU’s first shot.Picture: Retrieved from the Facebook of the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Administration Guts! Sweden, the largest country in northern Europe with an area of […]

Huawei introduces servers with Intel Cascade Lake Refresh processors

As an indication of the closeness between Huawei and Intel, Huawei adapted its FusionServer Pro series servers to the Cascade Lake Refresh processor in February. So far Huawei has completed adaptive testing, and released a wide range of general products, including the 1288H V5, 2288H V5, 2298 V5 and 5288 V5 rack servers, the X6000 […]

Huawei and Motorola were the technology brands that grew the most in 2019

The one who decreased its participation in 2019 was LG, which gave its place to Motorola. In the market for users who purchase low-end and mid-range equipment, Alcatel remains one of the most important players in the country. However, The CIU also indicates that there was a lower increase in the purchase of cell phones […]

Huawei has multi-year telecom chip reserves

By E.B. The Chinese company had already secured a sufficient volume of semiconductors for its business-to-business operations since last year, according to sources cited by this outlet. And these base station chips have a longer production cycle compared to those used in smartphones, he says. TheElec, which recalls that Huawei is a major provider of […]

Huawei in talks to ditch part of the mobile business

The Chinese company is reconsidering its priorities in the face of US sanctions and will focus on the division of its high-end phones. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is in talks with Digital China Group Co Ltd and other groups to sell parts of its Honor smartphone unit in a deal that could fetch 25 billion […]

Huawei HAPPIES all its fans in Romania. MateBook X comes to our market

Huawei has made an excellent announcement for its Romanian fans who are looking for an extremely powerful and versatile notebook. Huawei Consumer Business Group announces the launch of the new Huawei MateBook X, the latest model of the Huawei MateBook series, which radically transforms the way consumers work, it is shown in a press release. […]