There is a protest against the government over migration policy: it is a test of democracy

The rhythms of the drums sounded in protest, and the audience chanted various slogans. The protesters also brought various posters: “Against Hate, for Migrants”, “Applying for asylum is not a crime”, “All people are legal”, “Build bridges, not borders”, “So that the border does not become a cemetery”, etc. The middle-aged man, who did not […]

Execution of an Afghan activist. The bullets completely destroyed her face

Fruzán Safí, a 29-year-old women’s rights activist, has been missing since October 20. The head of the cultural center where Safi worked said that Fruzan hoped to leave Afghanistan quickly because she feared for her future under the Taliban regime. She also wanted to join her fiancé, also an activist who had fled Afghanistan before. […]

The United States issued a non-binary passport for the first time

Instead of the designation, the woman or man has an “X” in the gender section. This means that the owner of the document is non-binary, ie they do not define themselves as a woman or a man. Dan Zzyy, a 66-year-old intersex activist, became the first owner of a passport with the label in America. […]

Army personnel collaborate in blood donation campaign

The Land Force develops land military power, preparing, training and equipping military personnel, improving their operational capacity permanently and throughout the national territory, to achieve the objectives derived from military strategic planning, in order to jointly contribute to the defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity, contribute to the management of the State in the internal […]

EAST EUROPE magazine | Ambivalent America

Dorothea Redepenning German version Abstract Totalitarian systems in Europe forced numerous artists into exile. The East Central European composers Bohuslav Martinů, George Enescu, and Béla Bartók went to the United States. Only there did Martinů became a composer of symphonies. His aesthetics corresponded with the main stream of American musical views. Enescu was held in […]

Massive riot in a Caucasian prison, an open investigation

Published on : 16/10/2021 – 19:33 The Russian authorities opened an investigation this Saturday, October 16 after a riot by inmates of a prison in Vladikavkaz, in the Russian Caucasus. The day before, at least 200 prisoners had rebelled to denounce acts of torture by the guards. According to official statements, the incident claimed no […]

The Arab Monitor: The Emirates’ legislative system promotes justice and equality

Cairo (WAM) The Arab Observatory for Human Rights of the Arab Parliament confirmed that the UAE’s winning of membership in the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2022-2024 is an achievement in addition to its honorable record in the field of promoting and protecting human rights and its leadership at the international and regional […]

A perspective on education in human rights values ​​in Morocco

This document will be published online in full text in September 2023. Plan Before 1992: a period of latency 1992-2000: a phase of emergence Since 2000 : an implementation and redevelopment phase Our contribution is part of a historical perspective to deal with education in the values ​​of human rights from a diversified corpus: official […]

in Marseille, Mahn Kloix pays tribute to the Uyghur resistance

In Marseille, street artist Mahn Kloix pays tribute to the Uyghur resistance on October 7, 2021 / AFP On the 200 m2 wall of the telecoms operator Orange in Marseille, a look now dominates the city, signed by the Marseille street artist Mahn Kloix: that of Tursunay Ziawudun, a Uyghur who testified about her ordeal […]