3D File Sickle Cells in Red Blood・Downloadable Design for 3D Printing・Cults

❌ ? Quality of creation: 0,0/5 (0 decide by voteVoices) Rating by members on printability, usefulness, level of detail, etc. Your rating: 0/5 extinguish Your rating: 0/5 Designer Description of the 3D model Red blood sickle cells In sickle cell anemia, some red blood cells look like sickles used to cut wheat. These unusually shaped […]

Embody Lyon and its suburbs

During the 19th century, when changes in society were rapid and numerous, Lyon’s notability had to adapt in order to maintain its dominant position. This traditional class is now joined by an industrial bourgeoisie which equally invests the municipal councils of Lyon and three of its suburbs – La Croix-Rousse, La Guillotière and Vaise. However, […]

Scientist warns: Vitamin therapies do more harm than good

A famous doctor warned that recent favorite IV vitamin therapy could be dangerous. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 10:41 – 09 November 2022 Updated: 11:59 – 09 November 2022 Celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen posting photos of IV vitamin therapy on social media cause an increase in their popularity, while the price can reach […]

Farewell at funeral: Monkey kisses human friend who fed him daily – News

An extremely touching video was recorded during a funeral in Sri Lanka. A monkey was filmed kissing a human who fed him every day. Before he died, 56-year-old Peetambaram Rajan fed the gray langur monkey (Semnopithecus entellus) with fruit and cookies, in the house where he lived, in Batticaloa. The friendship […]

Scientists implant human cells in mouse brains

Photo: Stanford University/Divulgao In an unprecedented procedure, scientists at Stanford University, in the United States, implanted human brain cells into newborn mice, hoping to better study mental and psychiatric disorders. The researchers grew neurons from stem cells, grew them in the laboratory, and then inserted so-called organoids into the young rodents. For the first time, […]

POINT OF VIEW. Let’s end human predation on forests

More than 737,083 hectares have burned in the European Union since the start of 2022. The environmental disaster is reaching new records in the Amazon, while thousands of hectares continue to be taken over in Indonesia and the peatlands of the basin of the Congo are threatened by oil and gas exploitation. We would be […]

How much heat can the human body handle? It’s less than scientists previously thought

Wet-bulb temperature Scientists and other observers have become concerned about the increasingly frequent occurrence of extreme heat combined with high humidity. They are examined under a term known as “wet bulb temperature”. During the heatwaves that swept through South Asia in May and June 2022, a maximum wet bulb temperature of 33.6 degrees Celsius was […]