Jeep Renegade arrives as a hybrid. He has a whole new technique in his gut

In addition to the Jeep Renegade, the Compass also received a new electrified system. A new 15-year-old works under their hood. Jeep continues to electrify its offering by launching its Renegade and Compass models in the new e-Hybrid. The public was surprised, it is not the expected mildhybrid, but a full-hybrid capable of running purely […]

TV CAR NEWS TESTED: Honda HR-V to please BMW M Sport fans (+ VIDEO)

The small class crossover no longer looks small. The Honda HR-V has grown. The greatest growth can be seen in the variety of comfort and electronic assistants, and, like other European Honda, has become a hybrid. It is clear from the orange wires that it is a hybrid. They have not lied at least about […]

Has the most advanced luxury SUV of all time arrived?

Land Rover did not deviate from the usual design world when it created the fifth generation of the Range Rover. The fresh MLA-Flex platform provides the basis for this, and this means flexible scalability: the Range Rover has previously been available with two wheelbases, but the extended version is now available in a seven-person version, […]

Satechi’s new port replicator will also host an M.2 SSD

The hub, which communicates via the USB Type-C connector, has an internal SSD socket in addition to the extra ports. Hirdetés Satechi’s latest USB Type-C adapter will be of particular interest to those whose one extra port is occupied most of the time by an external storage device, as the aluminum-enclosed hub called the USB-C […]

We drove: Honda HR-V e: HEV

The world is unfair with Honda. Hybrid propulsion is tied to Toyota by far more people than Honda, even though the two brands started in similar directions at similar times, but with different implementations. Toyota introduced the first full-hybrid Prius in 1997, and Honda came up with the auxiliary hybrid in the two-seater Insight two […]

Incentives, all state contributions to the purchase of hybrid cars

The car is undoubtedly experiencing a paradoxical situation. Let’s take incentives, for example. In recent weeks, contributions are available for diesel, petrol and hybrid cars, but not for electric and plug-in cars, priority on the government’s ecological transition agenda but for which the funds ended on 16 September last. . Not only. From September 28, […]