This two-ton SUV accelerates like a sports car

In July 2023, Mercedes-AMG presented the sports version of the Mercedes GLC SUV, the AMG GLC. It already features the plug-in hybrid powertrain that originally debuted in the AMG C 63 SE Performance model, which combines the world’s most powerful two-liter gasoline engine with AMG’s in-house developed electric architecture, which consists of a 204 hp, […]

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports GR Sport

The noble, honest name Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 2.0 Hybrid GR Sport is the epitome of understated luxury. Every bit of it is about family use in terms of basics. Comfortable, spacious, safe, cool, but understated. But still, 196 horsepower, even from a hybrid, through the continuously variable transmission, reminds me of the sunnier side […]

Honda ZR-V 2,0 i-MMD Sport

The seating position in the tested Honda ZR-V was very successful, the seating position integrates nicely into the car. With the low dashboard, the view forward is good. Driving is as simple as electric cars. Driving it is like a range-extending electric car, with the gasoline generator humming in the background. The throttle response is […]

Nissan X-Trail e-Power e-4Orce Tekna+

Just when you think they have everything figured out, Nissan comes along with this system and turns everything upside down a bit. This is another hybrid solution, not like Toyota’s, but not even Honda’s. And if you expect that it will be similar at least in terms of use, then you are very wrong. With […]

Škoda Superb Mk4 preview | Drive

The upcoming, fourth edition of ┼ákoda Superb will be 43 millimeters longer than the current model: 4,912 mm. The huge car will be 1,481 mm high instead of 1,469, and this increase will be used almost entirely for passenger comfort: headroom increases by 11 millimeters in the front and 6 millimeters in the back. Share […]

Test: Peugeot 408 GT

I think anyone who has tried the i-Cockpitos Peugeot really likes it and doesn’t really understand why every other car needs a wheel-sized steering wheel. It is easy to find the right sitting position, the scientific AGR seat is very comfortable, and the massage function is also fun, it is worth trying them all. The […]

‘Eco-friendly LPG hybrid taxi’… Started trial operation in August

4 Corporate Taxi Companies Launch LPG Hybrid Taxi Pilot Project Carbon reduction by 45% compared to existing taxis, fuel efficiency improved by 68% An eco-friendly LPG hybrid taxi that reduces carbon emissions by 45% will begin pilot operation next month at four corporate taxi companies in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Chungnam. On the 27th, the Korea […]

Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV police car Italy Carabinieri

Just over a year ago, the Italians’ compact crossover Tonale, which was based on the Stellantis all-wheel drive, long-wheelbase platform, was introduced to Alfa Romeo’s range, just like the Jeep Compass. And now the Alfa Romeo Tonale appears on the roads in a special role: for the first time, around 400 copies of the five-door […]

We drove: Honda ZR-V

Depending on the equipment, the ZR-V comes with two types of grille Depending on the equipment, the ZR-V comes with two types of grille Share a photo: Share a photo: It could be anything from the side It could be anything from the side Share a photo: The matte silver insert is good for the […]

Total madness: they built a hybrid with a diesel engine from a Tesla

Range is one of the biggest concerns for people considering buying a new electric car. You can get rid of this with a plug-in hybrid or with the reappearing types equipped with an internal combustion engine that works as an on-board generator, such as Nissan’s e-Power system, or what Mazda will offer for the MX-30. […]