‘Chinese electric vehicle’ BYD ranks 4th in global car sales…Hyundai ranks 5th

[이데일리 김승권 기자] BYD, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, ranked fourth in global automobile sales last month, surpassing Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company. Electric vehicles alone are causing a sensation in the car market, including internal combustion engines. Looking at the electric vehicle market alone, it is firmly in first place. According to data released […]

Hyundai Department Store Group spurs support for promising startups… Clothing repair innovation app support

Hyundai Department Store Group announced on the 24th that it has completed the development of MVP (Minimum Viable Product, a minimum functional product that implements only core functions) of the O2O (Online to Offline) clothing repair platform ‘Eolpis’ app through industry-academia cooperation with Hanyang University’s Startup Support Group. Once the app development is completed, the […]

The cheapest cars in the Czech Republic: Cars under 300,000

But let’s take a closer look at the wider group of the most affordable cars on the domestic market. After studying the current price lists, we put together an overview of the ten cheapest passenger cars in the Czech Republic. By the way, no Škoda car could fit in it. The cheapest model of the […]

The 2024 Kona EV: Upgraded Interior, Improved Powertrain, and Smart Features

The Kona EV’s interior has also seen significant changes for 2024. Gone are the split infotainment and gauge clusters, as well as the decidedly dated metallic center console. In their place are a panoramic gauge cluster and an infotainment display unit that contains two 12.3-inch screens and a center console with a futuristic look and […]

New Hyundai i20: Price, equipment and comparison with Skoda Fabia (2023)

Customers can choose from three equipment and engines, the price starts from CZK 329,990. The Hyundai car company launched the modernized compact i20 model on the Czech market, which at first glance does not impress with any significant changes. Designers have only modified the details on the front and rear, including the bumpers and the […]

Test: Hyundai Ioniq 6 AWD

It is a rare unusual situation that I have to get into a new car today with my head in it. At first I couldn’t even fit in the Ioniq 6, the roof is so low. More specifically, due to the sandwich floor, there is little passenger space between the flat roof and the carpet. […]

World famous car brands: how did their names come about?

All major car manufacturers inevitably went through this process at some point. And the names themselves sometimes reflect company founders, geographical locations or even historical periods. In this article, Autoplius tells about the names of 10 world-renowned car brands and their origin stories, according to a press release. Let’s start with the car most often […]

Hyundai started production of the new Kona electric car model in Nošovice

So far, 105,000 cars have been produced, mainly for Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands. As before, the new generation Kona Electric will be produced in addition to the Nošovice plant in South Korea, primarily for the local market and overseas destinations. Petr Michník told ČTK today on behalf of the automaker. By the end […]