When the books come out of containment

This Tuesday, May 19, in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), the media center in the city center is out of sleep. On the ground floor, the librarians opened a large emergency exit and installed a loan desk, almost on the sidewalk. Masked, gloved, equipped with visors and gowns, they welcome the first users of the “BibDrive”, a new […]

Historians Dominique Kalifa and Arnaud Teyssier

Published on : 05/20/2020 – 21:55 Pierre-Édouard Deldique receives two historians on his program “Idées”: Dominique Kalifa and Arnaud Teyssier. – Dominique Kalifa, History professor at the University of Paris 1- Panthéon-Sorbonne, for the book he edited: ” The names from the time, from Restoration to the lead years », Published by Gallimard. – Arnaud […]

the beauty of damned souls

There are men who will always get lost by Rebecca Lighieri P.O.L, 374 p., € 21 This book is a punch. It was to be expected – we could hope so, coming from Rebecca Lighieri, the pseudonym by which the novelist Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam (1) signs her black novels. Anyone who remembers Gsummer pommels, perfectly mastered […]

the forgotten notebooks of Marcel Proust

Pleasures and Days by Marcel Proust Illustrations by Madeleine Lemaire, preface by Anatole France, with four piano pieces by Reynaldo Hahn Éditions de Fallois, 274 p., € 26 In 1896, the first work by a 25-year-old young man appeared in almost total indifference. Were these illustrations by Madeleine Lemaire, painter then in vogue? The scores […]

Bookstores remain open during closure

“ I had the impression of buying Céline’s pamphlets under the coat in a clandestine pharmacy … Stéphane, a young Parisian father, enjoys having his first smuggling experience in mid-April. He chose and paid for books (7 children’s albums and two novels) on the website of a bookseller near his home, who arranged to meet […]

“New Ideas” Facing the Debt Wall

A wall of debt. This is the picture that best describes the obstacle that most European countries will face the next day. In France, for example, the government’s 110 billion euro emergency plan to deal with the coronavirus should already translate into a sharp increase in the budget deficit to 9.1% of gross domestic product […]

The tyranny of algorithms, with Miguel Benasayag and Aurélie Jean

Published on : 04/23/2020 – 17:28 Ideas repeats this program on algorithms. The guests are Miguel Benasayag, philosopher, epistemologist and psychoanalyst and Aurélie Jean, algorithm developer, professor of algorithmics at the university. Miguel Benasayag has conducted numerous experiments in the medical world and has been working for years on the uniqueness of living things in […]

Justine Lacroix and Jean-Yves Pranchère: “Do human rights make you stupid?”

Published on : 04/17/2020 – 09:37 The devaluation of human rights. With Justine Lacroix, political scientist, political scientist, professor at the Free University of Belgium in Brussels. She heads the Center for Political Theory there. She is co-author, with Jean-Yves Pranchère of ” Do human rights make you stupid ? “, An essay published in […]

this kindergarten gives parents ideas on Youtube

Dividing with Playmobil, trying a scientific experiment with a glass of water and paper, discovering the kim game or playing with numbers: these are some of the proposals already available on Pauline Delcroix’s YouTube channel. Kindergarten teacher at the private Mother Teresa school, she is already at 32 videos published since the start of containment. […]

Mercato: our ideas for attacking the Girondins de Bordeaux – Around the Girondins

After the defenders and the midfielders, it’s time for ideas to strengthen the attacking sector. Nicolas Paolorsi (RMC) and Florian Sabathier (WebGirondins) proposed names in C’est L’Heure de l’Apéro that could reinforce the Girondins’ attack. A LESS PRIORITY SECTOR If the positions of defensive midfielder and left side seem to be priorities for the Girondins. […]