A gaping loss – NRC

A gaping loss NRC The controversial Amsterdam gaper: an example of heritage that must be constantly criticized Trouw The story behind the ‘gaper’ that disappeared from an Amsterdam facade Volkskrant Van Der Pigge in Haarlem leaves gaper on the facade: ‘It is the image of a sick man’ Haarlems Dagblad Black gaper removed from the […]

Tired of identity theft in networks, Andino goes to Justice

Although he did not give too much importance to his fake Twitter account (@AndinoOkey has more than 49 thousand followers and dates from 2016), Guillermo Andino decided to resort to Justice to find out who hides behind his false identity. Although the driver of America and his wife, Carolina Prat, refuse to speak on the […]

“It was a shock to see how much Srebrenica is in me”

It is the first time that the members of the collective Bosnian Girl are physically back together. Not that they sat still during the corona measures – quite the contrary. In recent months, Daria Bukvic (theater maker), Ena Sendijarevic (filmmaker), Arna Mackic (architect) and Emina Cerimovic (policy officer) worked on their joint initiative Srebrenica Is […]

Medical professionals trained at a university with identity chaco

“When I heard about this initiative I was shocked that a university in the North has started a Medical career”. Dr. Damian Verzeñassi, director of Medicine-Uncaus. This week we attended a historic event for our province: the Wednesday, may 27, received his title four doctors and three medical graduated from the National University of the […]

Quentin Lafay, emails after

“I’mI’m afraid of my own tracks, what they say and will say about me. “ Try to imagine yourself one day waking up to the news that all your emails and messages from the past ten years have been hacked and are now found all over the Internet. This is what happens to Gaspard, a […]

The Blit educational project on identity, online

The Center for Contemporary Art of Girona, the Bòlit, presents this Saturday at 12 noon, through the Zoom platform, Under construction, a project included in the Bòlit Mentor initiative to bring the visual arts closer to secondary schools. The proposals developed by the artists Mireia Ferron, Azucena Moya and Ingrid Riera, with the curation of […]

Idir, Berber without borders – Culture / Next

Seghir Lazri is a sociologist. He works in particular on the social vulnerability of athletes in the “Sociosports” column on liberation.fr. In this text, he pays tribute to the singer Idir, who disappeared on Saturday. “With him, part of my childhood, my culture and my identity went away …”, he reacted on Twitter. The disappearance […]

For athletes, “the retail world has given way to a blurry period”

Does containment promote the development of depressive disorders in professional athletes? A recent study by the medical service of the International Federation of Professional Football Associations (FIFpro) tends to show this: 57% of footballers have shown signs of depression since the end of competitions. Edouard Philippe’s announcements do not reassure them since the Prime Minister […]

PSP detained man for drug trafficking in Camacha

The Public Security Police arrested a 30-year-old man in the Conjunto Habitacional da Nogueira, in the Camacha parish, for having been detected in the act of committing the crime of drug trafficking. The arrest took place last Friday,), following a police operation to combat the consumption and trafficking of narcotics carried out by the Machico […]

A new identity | The Basque Diary

The beginning is somewhat disconcerting, it also has a humorous, and disturbing point, even dreamlike. In a couple of minutes ‘Synonyms’ has already passed through all these stadiums. And then it only increases them, all of them at once. And he adds the desire, the uncertainty, the exploitation, the dislocation of a young man who […]