USA: Immigration judges say government silences them

Immigration judges said in a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the United States Department of Justice that they are being silenced by the government of President Donald Trump, representing the most recent confrontation between the judges and the federal government. In previous governments, judges were allowed to speak in a personal capacity on immigration-related issues if […]

USCIS expands flexibility in petitions and prioritizes citizenship

USCIS expanded flexibilities to respond to agency requests. It was possible Getty Images/iStockphoto The coronavirus crisis and budget problems of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) have turned in favor of immigrants with open processes, which need to support their applications for visas, permanent residence cards or green cards or the US citizenship […]

Distinct Difference with Acehnese Fishermen who Welcome with Open Hands, Malaysia Is Just Not Accepting Rohingya Refugees, Senior Minister Unloading the Disability of the Homeland

Kompascom Reporter on Location A ship carrying 94 Rohingans was stranded off the coast of Seunuddon, North Aceh, Wednesday (6/24/2020). Gridhot.ID – Refugees from rohingnya are now looking for a place to protect and make a living. They sailed to neighboring countries to evacuate. There are some countries that welcome them kindly, but there are […]

Usa: minister of the Interior, stop the program dreamer in 6 months – the World

‘The government Trump and decided to put an end to the program, which protects dreamers – the children of immigrants illegally entered in the Usa – in the next six months’. He said to Nbc’s Chad Wolf, secretary, and acting, to homeland security, just days after the Supreme Court rejected an action of the administration […]