The Corona situation in Remscheid and Solingen

Corona numbers Solingen (09/22/2022) 7-day incidence (RKI): 236,8 (+1,9) Newly reported cases: +63 Cases last 7 days: 377 new infections In total since March 2020: 69.680 infections deaths with Covid19: 338 On September 20, 2022, the city had to report another death. Corona numbers Remscheid (09/22/2022) 7-day incidence (RKI): 270,8 (-9,0) Newly reported cases: +33 […]

Laumann in Düsseldorf: “No lockdown for vaccinated people”

Laumann said: Without a vaccination there would be no normality in the future – club life is only possible with a vaccination: At the same time, Laumann made it clear that there would no longer be a lockdown for vaccinated people. The carnival clubs in Düsseldorf plan most of their meetings as “2G events” – […]