The importance of the territory in the vote: the case of Vox | Spain

Not all votes count the same. It has been said many times that some provinces offer “cheap” seats, because they are obtained with fewer votes. But the distribution can also provoke other carambolas, such as that thousands of votes in Alicante or Cádiz are irrelevant (if no deputy moves) and that a single vote in […]

Coronavirus: the Dominican Republic reopens to tourism – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SANTO DOMINGO, JULY 2 – After three months of paralysis, the Dominican Republic has once again authorized tourism activity with the arrival of some planes from Puerto Rico, New York and south of the United States in the United States starting yesterday ‘Las Americas’ airports of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. The newspaper […]

Vlaams Belang spent more than 150,000 euros on Facebook ads in June

From May 30 to June 28, the Flemish far-right party spent 116,586 euros to broadcast 81 advertisements. Le Vlaams Belang has invested more than 150,000 euros in Facebook ads, can be observed from reading the report of the social media’s advertising library. This represents a large increase. The previous month, the far-right party had spent […]

The importance of the ocean explained to children

The ocean is essential: we tell you why, and we also explain what threats are hanging over it. Good of humanity : The ocean allows us to breathe. It feeds us. It is a common good of humanity. It is up to all of us to preserve it. This requires better knowledge of its functioning, […]

The budget, a rudder to keep SMEs afloat | Economy

The budget is as important in business as the highway for the driver: it allows the businessman to meet his goals and reach his destination, anticipating the potholes that may arise along the way. However, its correct preparation is a pending issue for many SMEs, now surprised by the slowdown in the activity. “Unfortunately, rigorous […]

the European market should gain importance for Germany

The restart is timid but real in Germany. After four weeks of restrictions, small businesses can reopen in much of the country. This Thursday, the automaker Volkswagen is even relaunching part of its production, in Zwickau, in Saxony, where it produces its new electric model ID3. → RECAP ’. Coronavirus: the essentials of Wednesday, April […]

Bell on bell (math) | Science

Going through the history of mathematics leads to unexpected places, in this case to the steeples of 17th century England. At that time, groups of English bell ringers met regularly to practice the art of ringing bells. They set out to ring the bells of a bell tower in all possible orders without repetition. Such […]

How to look for work when the pandemic subsides | Fortune

Bad data was expected and arrived. Last Thursday, Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and Social Economy, announced the processing of 240,000 cases of temporary employment regulation (ERTE) by companies, a figure that affects approximately 620,000 workers. The coronavirus crisis is devouring jobs with each passing day, the economy is not relaunching, and the prospects are […]