5 tips for those with HIV | SEGS

On World AIDS Day, it is important to emphasize the participation of rheumatologists in the multidisciplinary treatment team The World Day to Fight AIDS, December 1st, should be highlighted not only for the prevention and fight against prejudice campaigns, but also for the clarification on the quality of life and diseases that can be concomitant […]

Fran Núñez: “This may be, on a symbolic level, the most important theatrical event outside of Galicia in the last 80 years” – Galicia

Fran Núñez –1st from the left–, during the delivery of the declaration of ‘Cultural Interest’ by the City of Buenos Aires. During his visit to the Argentine capital, after the premiere of ‘O charco de Ulises’ in Montevideo, Fran Núñez, director of the Centro Dramático Galego (CDG), spoke with ‘Galicia en el Mundo’. Question. What […]

History 19 November 1942: Soviets Launch Counterattack in the Battle of Stalingrad

History November 19, 1942: Soviets Launch Counterattack in the Battle of Stalingrad. weaponsandwarfare.com Merdeka.com – The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most brutal wars between Russian forces and German Nazi forces alongside Axis forces during World War II. This battle is known as one of the largest, longest and bloodiest battles in modern […]

Angers. Bikes, scooters… Why it is important to be seen on the road

Whether you are traveling by bike, skate or electric scooter, it is essential to be well seen. The road safety coordination of the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire sent the message on Monday, November 8 in Angers. We explain why. Obviously, it’s tempting. Trying to take his bike, his skate or his scooter and run on the […]

A hammer against a magic wand. Will Moyes beat Guardiola?

On Wednesday, October 27, in the ⅛ final of the English League Cup, teams whose coaches profess opposite gaming philosophies will meet: West Ham and Manchester City. Whose side will prevail this time? Alchemist against the woodcutter David Moyes and Josep Guardiola are two completely opposite specialists in spirit. The West Ham coach at one […]

House purchase (credit for ancillary costs)

Hello folks, My partner and I (not married) want a 50/50 houseacquire. Both parties can share their half of the purchase costs 100% Pay in cash, so to speak, without financing. However, one of the two parties still needs 16,000 eurospay his share of the property transfer tax, as well as the notary. In order […]

CRH Medical, part of WELL Health, completes important acquisitions of shares in two anesthesia centers in Florida

– CRH Medical Corporation (“CRH”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of WELL Health, has, through its existing subsidiary, CRH Anesthesia of Florida, LLC, acquired two major acquisitions of 70% of Destin Anesthesia, LLC (“Destin”), and 51% of Pinellas County Anesthesia Associates, LLC (“PCAA”). – Destin’s current estimated projected annual result is around $ 3.0 million with EBITDA […]