COVID-19: Starving to death from coronavirus | Future Planet

In this delicate food chain, a single interruption can pose a problem for any of its components. And now, the Covid-19 epidemic, which already affects 53 countries on the continent, where more than 10,000 cases have been reported, threatens to dismantle it from top to bottom: the restrictions that are applied worldwide to contain it, […]

A different technician, the same problems | sports

The Barça sports area felt that the team did not work well, did not have the required automatisms and that football could be greatly improved, despite being a leader in the League and reaching the Champions League without difficulty. For that reason, Valverde fired and trusted the group to Setién, who promised no results but […]

Macron imposes the pension reform by decree | International

“In accordance with article 49 paragraph 3 of the 1958 Constitution and after having obtained the authorization of the Council of Ministers on February 29, I have decided to enforce the responsibility of the Government on the bill that establishes a universal pension system,” Philippe said in a short speech in the National Assembly interrupted, […]

They impose a bond of 133,333 euros to the accused of abuses in Big Brother

The judge investigating possible sexual abuse by a Big Brother contestant has imposed on this young man and the producer Zeppeling a deposit of 133,333 euros for ensure payment of responsibilities in case of conviction, in a car in which he opens oral trial. The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 2 […]

Liga Santander: Barcelona defeats Levante | sports

Juan I Irigoyen M. 94 (2-1). Full Time. 02/02/2020 22:54 Juan I Irigoyen M. 92 (2-1). Rochina’s strong shot that escapes Ter Stegen, without visibility with Hernani as a hindrance. 02/02/2020 22:52 Juan I Irigoyen M. 92 (2-1). ROCHINA GOOOL. 02/02/2020 22:51 Juan I Irigoyen M. 92 (2-1). GOOOOL DEL LEVANTE. 02/02/2020 22:51 Juan I […]