A dual antibody prevents metastases in models of breast and pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial E-cadherin and mesenchymal OB-cadherin, two proteins regulated in the opposite way during the transition that allows tumor cells to start the process of metastasis. In a triple-negative breast cancer model… Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial […]

Arsenal lost to Independiente and got complicated with the averages

With a goal from Vallejo at 3′ Independiente beat Arsenal 1-0 at the close of Saturday’s matches, for the 22nd date of the Professional League. Independiente reached 30 points in the tournament, and although he is far from the leader Atlético Tucumán (41), he was excited with four consecutive victories (against Aldosivi, Sarmiento, Unión and […]

The Red beat Arsenal and stretched his streak in the League

Independent had to show that he was not on his knees. And he did. After the tough elimination from the Copa Argentina at the hands of Talleres, Julio César Falcioni’s team did not shine, but they showed signs of life and beat Arsenal for their fifth consecutive win in the League. Temperament and defensive solidity […]

Microscopic robots walk autonomously using ‘electronic brains’ (video)

Cornell University scientists have created extremely small robots equipped with “electronic brains” that allow them to move independently, no more than 250 micrometers wide, and having two, four or six legs. It’s always been possible to make extremely small robots, but they usually need some form of direct external control to function. The solution was […]

BP election: who would you vote for today? – Politics –

24.09.2022 07:00 (Akt. 24.09.2022 09:00) ©APA/Reuters/Canva The presidential election is on October 9th and there are seven candidates to choose from – more than ever before. But who would you vote for if you had to vote today? In addition to incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen, who is running for a second term, there are […]