Bloomberg announced the first ever change of the leader in oil refining

Next year, China will become the world’s largest oil refining country. With reference to the analysts he interviewed, Bloomberg writes about this. Experts note that the PRC is rapidly recovering from the pandemic while refineries in the US and Europe are struggling with the aftermath of a deeper economic crisis. At the same time, their […]

Apple loses $ 450bn in value: new iPhone doesn’t meet estimates

More news from Bloomberg When it comes to the largest company in the world, it is not unusual to see incredibly high numbers. But Apple Inc.’s are not what investors would like to see. Since it became the first American company to exceed $ 2 trillion in market value in August and after its peak […]

Bolsonaro escalates conflict over China-backed vaccine

More news from Bloomberg The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, He stepped up criticism of a Chinese vaccine being developed in partnership with a renowned research institute in Brazil, saying the Asian country lacks credibility in finding solutions to the coronavirus crisis. “We will not buy it from China, it is my decision“Bolsonaro said Wednesday […]

Microsoft CEO Refers to Remote Work Hazards

More news from Bloomberg Microsoft Corp. has been one of the main beneficiaries of the work-from-home boom fueled by the covid-19 pandemic. But the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is realizing the dangers of being out of the office for so long. Online meetings can tire employees and make it difficult to transition from work to […]

returns assembled with Connect Equality

With the change of government, orders returned to produce computers at the local level. How will the first phase of the official program be Some 13 companies with national capitals will be responsible for supplying with umore than 350,000 computers to the Juana Manso program, continuator of the Connect equality. These days the details of […]

For Citi, a gold record is “just a matter of time”

Related news The bullish factors which are accumulating in el gold market they could do that the yellow metal breaks the 2011 price record, according to the perspectives handled by Citigroup Inc. The prices benefit from a Lax monetary policy, low real yields, record inflows of exchange-traded funds, and increased asset allocation, wrote analysts including […]

BlackRock, creditor of Argentina, moves money from China to emerging

Related news Gordon Fraser, the firm’s global equity co-director for emerging markets, began betting on titles in countries such as India, Indonesia, Russia and MexicoOr, they are among those most affected by the pandemic, but with prospects for recovery due to their “very flexible economies.” These countries have sustainable levels of debt, floating exchange rates, […]

The action of Tesla exceeds US$1,000 to growing demand from China

More news from Bloomberg Shares of Tesla Inc. exceeded US$1,000 for the first time on Wednesday. The increasing demand of the Model 3 of the company in China prompted analysts from Wedbush to promote the “massive” market opportunity and their continued efforts in terms of battery. Analyst Daniel Ives described the demand of China as […]

Delta increases flights due to greater demand and need for space

More Bloomberg News Delta Air Lines Inc. increased the number of flights that rthey will establish their service in June and July to allow space between passengers, as demand grows. “Once we get closer to 60% on an individual route, it will be the trigger for us to add more aircraft to the system”CEO Ed […]