AIDS: new technique to recognize if the virus is ‘dormant’ – Chronicle

A new hope of treatment for HIV-infected children comes from the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital on the eve of World AIDS Day, 1 December. Doctors and researchers have managed to develop a new procedure capable of characterizing the residual viral load and the associated protective immune response present in patients, identifying those children in which […]

Covid, hospitalizations and deaths rise. Few fourth doses – Healthcare

Again, the Covid raises its head and pushes up the curves of the epidemic. In fact, in the last seven days, infections, hospitalizations in ordinary wards and even deaths have increased, while the number of fourth doses of the vaccine administered continues to decrease. The latest data from the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation […]

Bacterial infections are the second cause of death in the world, according to research

Published in: 22/11/2022 – 15:46Modified in: 22/11/2022 – 15:47 Infections of bacterial origin are the second cause of death in the world after cardiovascular problems, according to a vast study published this Tuesday (22), which points to staphylococcus aureus and pneumococcus as the most lethal bacteria. This study published in the journal The Lancet selected 30 […]

When will Corona be over? | Newsletters | Monday 21 November 2022

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Van der Bellen tested positive for Corona – Coronavirus Vienna

Von . – 19.11.2022 19:32 (Akt. 20.11.2022 13:40) Federal President Van der Bellen infected with Corona. ©AP Photo/Markus Schreiber Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen tested positive for the corona virus on Saturday. This was announced by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen in a short message on Twitter on Saturday evening. He will not […]

British doctors heal patient who had corona for 411 days

ANP NOS News•Friday, 14:04 British doctors have cured a man who had been infected with the corona virus for more than a year. The 59-year-old man got the virus in December 2020 and continued to test positive until January of this year: a thirteen-month period. The researchers are now describing the case in the journal […]

The Black Death left a genetic mark on humans

700 years ago, when the Black Death spread across Europe, it would have reduced the population by almost half. The impact of the disease on the remaining 200 million people who survived resulted in genetic mutations. These mutations, which would have helped to overcome the attack of the bacterium called Yersinia pestis, marked human DNA […]

Three federal states exempt people from 2-G-Plus with boosters

WIf it has already been boosted, it will be released from the obligation to test in Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate from Saturday. The Ministry of Social Affairs in Hanover announced on Friday that people who had been vaccinated against Corona three times could then visit facilities with a 2G-Plus rule without a test. You […]

Super deadly disease is reappearing in the world, and why?

Alfredo Graça Meteored Portugal 17 Out. 7 min The WHO says that cholera, a very lethal disease, is re-emerging on a global scale due to changes in climate. A cholera is reappearing in its deadliest forma reality aggravated by the climate changesaccording to the World Health Organization (OMS)which even asks manufacturers of vaccines that increase […]