infections drop (534) but there are more ICUs occupied

The infections and deaths from covid have lowered in the last week in the Valencian Communitywhich notifies this Friday 534 positive cases (196 less) and 11 deaths (3 less than seven days ago), while hospitalizations have also decreased by 28 patients to 163 and ICU admissions have been 13 (two more). According to data from […]

Invima warns about the risks of using EzriCare ophthalmics

This, after the United States Food and Drug Administration, (FDAfor its acronym in English), will ensure that the product has manufacturing problems, lack of tests and adequate controls in the containers. In fact, the company EzriCare began to withdraw the product from the market, after the drops were linked to an outbreak of infection that […]

Corona incidence in Saarland is increasing – also in Germany

Rewrite this content Jan 28, 2023 at 5:50 am Figures from the RKI : Corona incidence increases slightly – A Saar district leads the values ​​​​by far 9 pictures The daily corona case numbers for Saarland at a glance Photo: dpa/Kay Nietfeld Saarbrucken The number of new infections is rising again slightly. This applies to […]

Epidemiologist: “Congestions from transport, kindergartens and schools favor the transmission of respiratory infections”

Rewrite this content Specialists explain the return to the situation before the Covid-19 pandemic by the fact that people have stopped complying with preventive measures: wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance. Europa Liberă spoke with the epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv, head of the Epidemiology discipline at the “Nicolae Testemițanu” University of Medicine and […]

a hard return to normality and goodbye to ICU health controls

. It has been almost three years since Covid-19 became a regular part of everyone’s life. No region escaped its effects and economic, social, and health crises became intertwined. Sports were not exempt from this, and all competitions had to come to a halt. Cycling was one of the disciplines that was particularly impacted, even […]