Supermarkets keep an eye on each other more than ever | Economy

Rewrite this content 28 jan 2023 om 05:03Update: een dag geleden Supermarket chains keep an even closer eye on each other when lowering prices. Advertising brochures contain more lists and comparisons than ever before. In this way, the wholesalers want to convince their customers that they themselves are the most advantageous, retail experts tell […]

105 € per person – who gets nothing with new money bonus – politics

Rewrite this contentthe The government subsidy for electricity costs will be increased again. Larger households with more than three people should now get extra money.Surprisingly, the government announced a new cash bonus this week. The application for the necessary amendment to the Electricity Cost Subsidy Act was submitted to the parliamentary parties late Tuesday evening, […]

Unprecedented strike: strike of Amazon workers for the first time in British history

Rewrite this content First modification: 25/01/2023 – 18:50 Never before have workers from the US tech giant gone on strike in the UK. Nearly 300 employees declared themselves unemployed this Wednesday, January 25, at the Coventry warehouse, in central England, demanding a 50% pay increase, well above the 5% that Amazon already granted them. Inflation […]

Canada: Housing vs. Sex

Rewrite this content It is hard to imagine, but even in a society as wealthy as Canada’s, women and even men in a precarious situation are forced to offer sexual services to avoid the streets. This is what Julie Leblanc, community organizer at the Women’s Education and Action Center (CÉAF) told Journal de Montréal. “No […]

Electricity and gas: switching to the basic supplier – is it worth it?

Rewrite this content provider change Gas and electricity: This is how expensive energy is in some cities Updated: 12/23/2022, 10:02 PM | Reading time: 5 minutes Gas prices: EU countries agree on upper limit Gas prices – EU countries agree on upper limit After months of dispute, the ministers responsible for energy in the EU […]

Robert Kiyosaki Calls It Impossible for Poor People to Get Rich Now

Rewrite this content Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Robert Kiyosaki, financial expert and author of the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ recently shared his views on the phenomenon of inflation that has hit almost the whole world. Global inflation that has occurred in almost the entire world cannot be separated from the impact of the geopolitical […]

Mexico proposes to Canada and the US “labor mobility”

Rewrite this content Axel Sánchez Mexico City / 23.01.2023 01:54:39 The lack of workers in the United States delays investments in that country; figures of his Bureau of Labor Statistics They indicate that they have 5.5 million unfilled vacancies, so they lose the opportunity to grow and Mexico can take advantage of that. consulted by […]