Index – Economy – Inflation is easy to understand through haircuts

Economic developments at the Side Door Beauty Salon in Central Illinois are bad news for anyone worried about rising inflation. Haircuts are a service that no U.S. consumer can obtain from abroad. When haircut prices rise, economists say it is a sign that inflation is deeply embedded in the domestic economy. Although the example is […]

How does the rate hike affect me?

Low interest rates have been the trend in recent years. However, the European Central Bank (ECB) is going to vary its monetary policy to try to contain inflation, and that will change the direction of the price of money. The first increase in eleven years by the central bank will not take place until next […]

Inflation: How it affects your mortgage credit – El Sol de Puebla

For a few weeks, the financial institutions reported that at the international level there is a problem with inflation, since it is in increase, To deal with this situation, different tactics are being used. In this way, it is intended that the citizens’ pockets remain stable and without major losses. In the case of Bank […]

High inflation protects us against new euro crisis for the time being | NOW

In economic circles, there are fears here and there of a new euro crisis, just now that it has been decided that Greece no longer needs to be supervised by the EU. The southern euro countries could run into problems due to an interest rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB). However, experts tell […]

How is it, Mr Erdogan? There’s Bad News from Turkey…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Consumer confidence index (consumer confidence index/CCI) Turkey recorded a decline in June 2022. This figure reached a record low due to a surge in inflation and the weakening of the Turkish lira. In May 2022, the inflation rate has reached 73.5% (year-on-year/yoy). Almost ten times higher than the inflation rate in […]

US Federal Reserve chief expects “other surprises”

In a speech to Congress, Powell stressed that the US economy is strong enough and capable of facing these challenges. US President Joe Biden said, earlier, that a recession is not inevitable, and that he is confident that the United States will overcome inflation. The inflation rate in the United States rose in May by […]