Double victory for Rezo in the YouTube annual charts 2021

Market data brands YouTube annual charts 2021 At the end of the year, the time of the annual charts also begins. YouTube presents five rankings with the most successful creators, videos and trends of 2021. This year’s YouTube annual charts are colorful, diverse and very serious. When choosing the top 10 in the five categories […]

This woman is getting a divorce from herself! – THE THING

This fall, Cris Galêra married herself. After only 90 days, however, a divorce should now come about. In September, the model made headlines with her wedding: She married herself to celebrate her self-love. But now she wants to end her marriage. The reason: you met someone else. Divorce from yourself According to media reports, the […]

Castellón will improve the health of cancer patients with physical activity

The rector, Eva Alcón, and Sonia Soriano, from the José Soriano Foundation, sign the collaboration agreement to create the chair of Physical Activity and Oncology at the UJI Raul navarro Improve the quality of life of cancer patients through physical exercise. It is the goal of the Chair of Physical Activity and Oncology of the […]

Cyclone Boyko carries 23.2% soil moisture at 4 pm, anticyclone Max and Moritz – 20%

How soil moisture changes as a result of the various atmospheric fronts that affect our country. About 4 p.m. Cyclone Boyko increases soil moisture to 23.2%Humidity as a result of anticyclone “Max and Moritz” reaches 20%. Storm “Cornelia” brings soil moisture of 14.9%. For the atmospheric front “Mustafa”, typhoon “Slavi” and anticyclone “Hristo” the percentages […]

Rawdy Royals content creator

Being a doctor was not the dream that revealed Rawdy Reales Rois, however, the “plans of God” and “love at first sight” for medical science won him over in 2007. The Valduparan recalls that because of the conflict that was being lived In the country, he and his family had to leave the capital of […]

Butler on the new rules: I will not flop, it has no effect on me

Original title: Butler talks about the new rules: I will not flop, it has no effect on me at all News from November 5, Beijing time, in this off-season, the NBA has revised new rules to restrict some “non-basketball” foul actions. Many people believe that the decline in the league’s field goal percentage is due […]

The influence marketing agency Let´s Be Influenced is responsible …

Let´s Be Influenced is a representation agency of influencers and digital strategy that is present in the world of social networks since 2018. It was founded by Maria Majon, a publicist with experience in the sector since 2007 who has made her business one of the best advertising agencies marketing of influence from Spain. Demand […]

The actress Aroa Gimeno is going to the jugular to the Mexican tiktoker Kunno

The actress Aroa Gimeno goes to the jugular with the Mexican tiktoker Kunno | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Actress Aroa Gimeno fucks her jugular tiktoker Mexican Kunno: ‘Get off the […]