should we fear a swine flu pandemic?

A new pandemic from China? Researchers have discovered a strain of swine flu virus in China with all the characteristics capable of causing a future pandemic, according to a study published Monday June 29 in the American scientific journal PNAS. Viruses are called G4 and genetically descended from the H1N1 strain at the origin of […]

G4 virus threat from China: Is a double pandemic now at risk?

The coronavirus pandemic is still raging around the world – the pathogen is spreading particularly in South America, as well as in the south and west of the USA. Infection numbers are also increasing in populous India. At the same time, researchers in China have identified a new virus that they believe has the potential […]

Why swine flu was milder – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Is there undiscovered immunity to SARS-CoV-2? The coronavirus pandemic is often compared to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu. At that time, a severe worldwide wave of illnesses with numerous deaths was predicted, which, however, was much milder than expected. How did this rough misjudgment come about? Professor Dr. Christian Drosten, director of the Institute of […]

Covid-19: on the trail of the enigmatic “patient zero”

What if the coronavirus epidemic had started in France well before the end of January? “The first cases of Covid-19? We will surely have surprises ”, says Professor William Dab, former director general of health. “The first cases surely occurred well before the start of 2020, contrary to what we initially thought, abounds Dominique Costagliola, […]

Were there any containment measures during the 1918 Spanish flu?

Question asked on 05/13/2020 Hello, You are calling us following the publication of a post on Facebook on May 11, which has more than 340 shares this Wednesday. This draws a parallel between the so-called Spanish flu, pandemic that raged between 1918 and 1919, and the current situation. “No confinement worthy of the name” The […]

Coronavirus. Does the Covid-19 pandemic kill more people than the seasonal flu?

As the Covid-19 epidemic lasts, and containment stretches, there is a great temptation to wonder if we are doing too much, and that after all the disease and death are part of life. Going in this direction, readers asked us in our section “Ouest-France responds” to compare the statistics of mortality from seasonal flu, and […]

I have rabies – Release

Grandstand. I’m angry and angry when they scroll through the media, show their discontent on television, make their voices heard perfectly on the radio, deliver their speech in the newspapers. Always to tell us about a situation of which they are an aggravating factor, always to perish on citizenship, on the risk of recession, on […]

In the Korian Ehpad, “swallowed up by the wave” of the Covid-19

For the past month, the fatal countdowns have been making headlines in the press: at “Villa Victoria” in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis), 25 deaths; the “Aurélias” of Pollionnay (Rhône), 28 deaths; at “la Vill’Alizé” in Thise (Doubs), 26 deaths … And the heaviest death toll known to date, at “la Riviera” de Mougins and its 36 dead […]

Increased infections can indicate cancer – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

What is the relationship between infection and cancer? Various infections can indicate later cancers. Such infections sometimes occur years before the actual cancer diagnosis. Understanding the relationship between the development of cancer and previous infections may help to better diagnose and treat cancer in the future. In the current study by Kyoto University in Japan, […]

Cured Covid-19: “As if you were touching your marrow with a trowel”

They drooled. Sweat. Coughed. Sometimes kept a log of their symptoms. They managed their fear or considered making a will. But they survived. With or without antibiotics. With or without the famous chloroquine of which the Marseille professor Didier Raoult extols the merits. “98% of people recover”, recalls Jérôme Salomon, the director general of health […]