Marketing: Learn how to improve your relationship with your customers

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play A good relationship with customers at this time represents the possibility of maintaining business for longer, remember that it is an aspect that is more profitable than acquiring new customers and people are not currently in the best position to acquire new products or […]

Shopper Experience: 2021 Predictions for Retail and Point of Purchase

Play Katie Kochelek, Marketing Specialist at Frank Mayer & Associates, shares insights into what the experts at Frank Mayer & Associates are expecting in 2021. One big positive prediction: Physical retail will rebound. When I wrote the “What’s in Store for 2020” blog last December, I couldn’t have predicted what’s to come in three short […]

Marketing: Social media and its influence on commerce

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play 80% of Latin Americans have at least one Social Media profile, and WhatsApp use increased by up to 175% during the pandemic. These are part of the data collected in various studies by the OneMarketer team, company in charge of supporting businesses in the […]

Marketing: Why has Disney + become a trend?

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play Since the appearance of Disney +, the streaming platform has offered original content that has piqued the interest of many subscribers. Indeed, a strategy that has served him is to offer his content weekly as happened with The Mandalorian. Well, now it’s the turn […]

Digital Health Week

Make a difference Digital health can improve the quality of life for people with chronic illness, and that’s exactly what Joy was able to benefit from. A telemonitoring program for patients (telehomecare) enabled her to stabilize her diabetes, lower her blood pressure, take less medication and resume walking without her cane. .

Clubhouse: An app for chatting makes a name for itself

Clubhouse also uses a controversial method for viral distribution, which was already the basis of WhatsApp’s rapid growth. After installing the app and activating the invitation, the app requests access to all entries in the contacts address book of the iPhone used. This practice was heavily criticized by data protectionists in Europe on WhatsApp, because […]

Marketing: Explore How Spotify Ad Studio Works

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad platform, is already available in Spain. This is excellent news for advertisers, since streaming audio is very popular in our country; in fact, 91% of Gen Z netizens and 78% of millennials use it. We tell you how it […]

Marketing: Today’s most outstanding Live streaming platforms

Play We talked in another Marketing Insider Review article about what the current eSports landscape is like. In this new post we are going to talk about a closely related topic, streaming platforms or live streaming platforms. The massive events that bring together eSports require powerful live streaming tools, capable of supporting the thousands of […]

Marketing: Videogames as a form of entertainment and connection

Play The video game industry stepped on the gas during the months that consumers were forced to spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past year, the sector responded to the increase in user consumption and engagement with events, virtual concerts and actions with celebrities. This growth trend that has […]

Marketing: Technologies That Will Be Essential for Marketers in 2021

Play Technology has ended up becoming the second skin of marketing, which does not lose rubble, therefore, of the latest “techies” innovations. However, it appears that real-time marketing, analytics, and artificial intelligence are the three emerging technologies that will have the most profound impact on marketers’ strategies over the next twelve months. This is clear […]