Dax closed 5.7 percent up

DAX recovery: “If there is no second wave of infection, we are through” <![CDATA[[CDATA[]]> Dusseldorf The German stock market continues its trend from last Friday and starts the new trading week with a strong upturn. The Dax closes 5.7 percent with 11,059 points. Last Friday, the index closed 1.2 percent, up 10,465 points. Read on […]

Dax continues to rise – gold price remains on record hunt

DAX curve Sustainable relaxation is not yet in sight on the markets. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The German stock market continues its trend from last Friday and starts the new trading week in a friendly manner. In the first trading hour, the Dax rose 2.5 percent to 10,722 points. Last Friday, the index closed 1.2 percent, […]

Valncia and the Valencia Interior consortium, examples of selective collection

The general direction of Climate Change and Environmental Quality highlights that the measures to improve municipal selective collections adopted in previous years, as well as those planned and under development in this year, “are having and will play a fundamental role in the autonomous balances of domestic waste management ». As examples, he pointed out […]

Inside | Diets and Nutrition: Infusions: calm, well-being and many other benefits

The respiration cycles and photosynthesis of plants make them great allies for reconnect with the nutrients of the earth and with essential energies that help us calm our central nervous system. The ancestral periods of work and rest limited to the solar cycle, were not only a guideline for human behavior, but also established a […]

Julio Anguita continues to be admitted to the ICU stable within gravity

Thehistorical IU leader and former mayor of Córdoba, Julio Anguita, continues to be admitted,“stable, within gravity”, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Reina Sofía University Hospital in Córdoba, after having suffered a cardiac arrest last Saturday morning. This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources from the Cordovan hospital complex, where Anguita […]

Microsoft reveals some of the first Xbox Series X video games

Rodrigo AlonsoFOLLOW Madrid Updated:05/07/2020 18: 08h save Related news Unlike Sony, Microsoft is rushing to show players the benefits of what will be the next desktop of the company: the Xbox Series X. With the console’s design and specifications long unveiled, the tech, led by Satya Nadella, has taken advantage of its latest Xbox Inside […]

The Principality, blunt about taking tests at Oviedo and Sporting: “They do not fall within the criteria of essential workers”

The Principality of Asturias today valued the possibility of carrying out tests of the coronavirus on the footballers of Oviedo and Sporting, the representatives of the region in professional football:“They do not fall within the criteria of essential workers, when they meet the criteria they will be made like other citizens”, Rafael Cofiño, general director […]

Stock markets in Asia are slipping

Tokyo Reflections on a display board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (Photo: AFP) Tokyo Asian equity markets slipped on Wednesday despite talks about cautious easing in some countries to boost the economy. Warnings of the worst global recession since the 1930s underscored the economic damage the coronavirus outbreak has done to date. China’s lowering of […]

KIA Rio X-Line 2020 – beautiful, but useless

It’s better to drop money and buy Creta, or simply use car sharing “on a permanent basis”. KIA Rio X-Line 2020 release finally convinced the public that Korean designers have learned how to make low-cost cars attractive in appearance, but the functionality of the car is still a big question. The cross-hatch turned out to […]