Pepe Aguilar enjoys his days of confinement with his spectacular blue beard

Mexico City.– The famous Mexican regional singer,Pepe AguilarHe continues to enjoy his unforgettable and productive days of confinement in which he has carried out activities of all kinds. It is through your official accountInstagramwho has more and more surprised his followers, because with his broadcasts and spectacular photographs he has them quite entertaining. Also read: […]

Girls’ evenings & Co: How the public watchdogs dumb the youth

DThis week it was about penises. About how short or long they are on average, what prejudices they face, and how to stimulate the prostate. A nice young gay man with an earring led through the theme week, talked to urologists and transmen, organized a quiz about sperm density and morning erections. The week before […]

Suzy Cortez steals fans’ eyes by posing in haunting shorts

Brasilia, Brazil.-Suzy Cortezflashed flatly through his accountInstagram, after sharing one of the most daring photographs I have ever published. In the image, the beautiful Brazilian was shown wearing a very smallshortswho left more than one astonished by the daring way in which he posed, at the top he was covered only by his long hair. […]

Ana Milan reigns on Instagram with her live shows and in La Resistencia

Ana Milan had little trouble jumping to stardom during this confinement. From her sofa and mobile in hand, the actress has recounted numerous anecdotes about her professional and personal life through her Instagram profile. And not a hair has been cut. It mattered what counted, but especially how he did it: natural, forceful and with […]

Ariana Grande could be pregnant, rumors are unleashed by an Instagram story

Ariana Grande could be pregnant, rumors are unleashed by an Instagram story | INSTAGRAM Well it was just after seeing her receive some gifts, thousands of Ariana Grande fans began to suspect that the singer is pregnant. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get more from Show News! We have learned that even within the […]

Ridiculous duel! Larry Hernández makes Edwin Luna sweat while recording

United States.- The famous Mexican regional singer,Larry hernandezmade a recording ofTikTokwith your colleague,Edwin Luna, in which the two were embarrassed before their thousands of followers. It was through the account ofInstagramLarry that this video was published where in a quite serious tone, Hernández puts a mathematical challenge to the well-known singer,Edwin Luna. Also read: “You […]

Instagram instead of television: the future of sales shows

Dusseldorf The door to the virtual bar by Torben Paradiek and Sebastian Otto kept swinging open and closed: even before restaurants were allowed to open again and the young entrepreneurs from the distillery in Hanover were allowed to sell again, they invited guests to a digital tasting on Instagram. The fans of the two had […]

“The corona shock will accelerate the future”

Roelof Botha The Sequoia partner continues to look to Europe. (Photo: PR) Roelof Botha is familiar with crises: The South African was appointed CFO at Paypal in September 2001 when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center shook the markets. Half a year later he listed the company co-founded by Peter Thiel and Elon […]

The photos that leaked on Instagram of the Chinese Anthrax

José Rodrigo Aréchiga known as Chino Antrax, surrounded himself with the most beautiful women, even took advantage of the power he had to appear in an interview with the American socialite Paris Hilton. Several photos of the character circulate on social networks where he appears at luxurious parties, where northern bands and groups made the […]