Perfect silhouette: Kylie Jenner shook the net with her beauty

Kylie Jenner surprised everyone after announcing the pregnancy of her second child last week. The Kardashian clan member announced the happy news in an elaborate Instagram video. Neither she nor her partner have disclosed the sex of the baby or the approximate date of his birth. In the video you can see the process by […]

Diego Camargo was unharmed after violent robbery

“They burst my head”: Diego Camargo starred in robbery in Bogotá. This is how the violent event happened. The Colombian comedian is one of the most recognized in the country. And those who did not know him, have fallen in love with his simplicity, talent and chivalry in MasterChef Celebrity, reality that airs every weekend […]

Florencia Peña ignites Instagram with her charms since early

Florencia Peña, Argentine actress, host and businesswoman has recently caused a furor on social networks due to her enviable silhouette without equal. The actress who is mainly known for having played the character of Moni Argento in “Married with children”, has also starred in other successful projects such as “The Nanny.” Thus, due to his […]

Singer deactivates Instagram account after engagement

Britney Spears plans to take a break from Instagram after getting engaged. Curiously, she shared this on another social network. Most recently, the singer caused a stir on the platform with daring images. The US singer Britney Spears deleted her account there just two days after the announcement of her engagement via Instagram. She wrote […]

Do you have Instagram, Snapchat, tiktok …? (Social media)

Hi first, I (14 years) have been trying to convince my parents to use social media for years. The only thing I am allowed to have is WhatsApp, but even then it took a long time until I was able to persuade my parents. I would love to have Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. But my […]

THAT’S WHY photo was reported on Instagram by fans

Cole Sprouse now responded to the report of one of his photos on Instagram, which is supposed to glorify violence. But it was just a snapshot of his girlfriend Ari Fournier. Fans seem just angry that Cole and his co-star Lili Reinhart are no longer a couple and stepped in. How did the “Riverdale” star […]

Tennis player Stephens defends herself against hate comments

Dhe tennis player Sloane Stephens made hateful comments against her person after her departure from the US Open against Angelique Kerber. “After my match, I received more than 2000 messages full of abuse and anger from angry people,” wrote the former US Open winner on Instagram. The published messages to the American contained, among other […]