Karen Bejarano shared her hair change

Singer Karen paola bejarano shared on Instagram how her renewed hair looks. “How beautiful you look without guilt!”, She began by expressing on Instagram, then thanking the people who helped her with her hair. The artist said that they were her “fairy godmothers” when her hair “was dead from so many bad things I did […]

“But how is Gaza in real life?”

One day, we saw a guy come out of Gaza with a bomb. In the sense, “riding helmet”, rather than that generally associated with the territory under blockade for thirteen years. When you leave the Gaza Strip, whether you are a journalist, humanitarian or one of the rare Palestinian merchants or sick people allowed to […]

David Attenborough at 93 beats Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

It is said that social media is a thing for young people but David Attenborough denies this thesis. English naturalist, 94, has reached one million followers on the platform in just 4 hours and 44 minutes beating the previous record holder, Jennifer Aniston, who had taken 5 hours and 16 minutes. Pioneers Younger brother of […]

My bright sun: Kettle showed pictures of her adorable daughter

The singer now lives the way every young woman would like to live. With her friend Renda, she completes a dream house in her native Třinec, she is engaged and she has given birth to a daughter, Amálka, whom she cannot look forward to. She also introduced her fans to the baby. “My sun is […]

Chichila Navia received a gift from Santiago Alarcón

Cecilia Navia, better known as Chichila Navia, published the gift of Love and Friendship that her husband Santiago Alarcón gave her. The actress showed the huge painting with her face given to her by her husband and father of his children to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship. The colorful painting apparently represents one […]

Jessica Cediel told how she likes sex

The presenter Jessica Cediel was shown without taboos and answered some sexual questions asked by his followers on the social network Instagram. No mincing words, the model too wanted to be closer to people who follow her on Instagram answering very intimate questions. Read also: (Video) Citizen hit the police and he responded with a […]