Health and wellness companies in Bogotá and Cundinamarca are well served

Built under the premise of being workspaces to strengthen the skills and abilities of companies and their human talent, adding value to their production chains to take advantage of and generate new market opportunities, the cluster initiatives in the Health, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Wellness have been consolidated within the program led by the Bogotá Chamber […]

Insurtech Element takes over the portfolio of commercial insurer Mailo

Craftsman works on a junction box The Cologne-based insurance company Mailo specializes in covering commercial risks. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The Berlin Insurtech Element is moving closer together with the Cologne commercial insurer Mailo. As part of a strategic partnership, Element will take over the portfolio of the digital insurance company. From August 15, Element will […]

A tax that interprets the economic climate

The stick is not there to make spoons and the political country must know how to read the economic and social country. The growth of the Gross Domestic Product for this year is estimated to be above 6%; last year it was 10.8% and between January and March the figures were surprising when they reached […]

Cologne: That’s what the city says about a DEVK move to Bergisch Gladbach

Bergisch Gladbach – At the large neighbor of Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne, there is currently a fierce struggle over the expansion plans of the DEVK insurance company. Some say gambled. The insurance company wants and plans a skyscraper, 145 meters high, with an investment volume of 750 million. but the city of Cologne is alienated from […]

Dangerous buses: these vehicles are at the top of the road death list

Trolleybus, truck, articulated bus – these were the most terrifying vehicles on public roads in 2021 for innocent motorists. According to data from the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), every third trolley caused an accident that was eventually settled by the compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance (kgfb) because the trolley driver made a mistake. It is […]

The books that were adapted to TV and generate strong numbers

Currently, the variety of television programs available is increasingly wide. For this reason, the most recent ranking of the magazine Rolling Stone brings together ten of the best books that were made into movies, which you can add to your reading list, and then to your streaming queue. In the list you will find everything […]