Inclusion in the day-care center: How to make the right choice

Dhe advantages of inclusive day-care centers are manifold: Here the educators can respond individually to the needs and needs of the individual children. At the same time, the children learn from each other and gather important experiences from which they can benefit for the rest of their lives. But by no means all day-care centers […]

New company, new position: how to make your arrival a success?

Par Anne Bodescot Published yesterday at 4:16 p.m. , Update yesterday at 11:19 p.m. Multiplying meetings within the company facilitates integration. AdobeStock OUR ADVICES – Companies are refining the reception of new recruits. But they have everything to gain by preparing and investing on their side, explain coaches and human resources specialists. «Before arriving, I had […]

Nadef: sources, 2023 deficit at 4.5%, space of over 21 billion – Economy

At least 21 billion in deficit resources, over 15 billion to protect families and businesses from the energy emergencybut also revision of the Superbonus and Citizenship Income. The economic maneuver for 2023 is starting to take shape. With the theme of bills that remains at the top of the priorities. Despite the drop in gas […]

Islam: In Cologne the muezzin is now calling – politics

The muezzin in Cologne calls exactly two minutes and 36 seconds this Friday. But his call to prayer was preceded by a year of planning – and Germany-wide discussions. It is 1:25 p.m. on Friday afternoon when the religious leader asks the Muslims to the highest prayer of the week. He stands in front of […]

fiber | have conversations with parents

contents Specialists often experience that they feel well trained to work with the children in the day-care centres. Working with parents and conducting conversations with often sensitive content, on the other hand, is experienced as a part of the work that challenges, pushes the limits and in some cases also overwhelms. The aim of this […]

ORF audience council – who represents whom? |

Statement of the “Standing Conference of the Chairmen of the Advisory Councils of the Autochthonous Ethnic Groups in Austria” on the composition of the ORF Audience Council. Vienna/Bgld/Ktn/Stmk (OTS) – The occupation of the ORF Audience Council at the beginning of May caused astonishment and horror in the associations and groups represented by the “Standing […]