New cooperation in over 70 cities in 13 countries – TIER e-scooters now available in the Moovit mobility app, TIER Mobility GmbH c/o WeWork, press release

. Moovit shows users across Europe in real time where TIER scooters are available nearbyImproved access to mobility solutions for the first and last mile Moovit, an Intel company, a leading provider of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions and maker of the #1 urban mobility app, and TIER, Europe’s leading provider of shared micro-mobility solutions, are launching […]

‘Let’s beat Intel and AMD’ Nvidia unveils next-generation AI semiconductor ‘GH200’

[이데일리 박종화 기자] Nvidia, the absolute leader in the artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor market, has unveiled a next-generation semiconductor. It is interpreted as a winning move to widen the gap in a situation where AMD and Intel are chasing fiercely in the AI ​​semiconductor market. (Photo = AFP) According to CNBC on the 8th (local […]

The development of quantum computers can be boosted by Intel’s new chip

The 12-qubit chip can bring us closer to building quantum computers for (more) general purposes. Intel has announced that it has begun production of chips codenamed Tunnel Falls. It is a silicon-based quantum chip with 12 qubits, the purpose of which is to support the development of researchers and university staff. Intel hopes that the […]

US Debt Deal Raises Economic Risk, Crypto Exchanges Face Legal Battles

NEW YORK The leading index Dow Jones Industrial was 0.18 percent lighter at 33,504.08 points after half an hour of trading. The market breadth S&P 500 , which is on the verge of re-entering a “bull market” by common definition, fell 0.10 percent to 4269.37 points. For the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 which has gone particularly […]

Company – Intel wants more financial aid from the federal government – Economy

Magdeburg/Berlin (dpa) – US chip manufacturer Intel is negotiating with the federal government on the scope of financial aid in view of rising costs. “We are working closely with the German government to close the existing cost gap,” an Intel spokesman said today. A lot has changed since the announcement to build several factories for […]

These are the best Intel CPU-GPU pairings

There’s no point in buying unnecessarily expensive hardware if another component holds back performance. Intel is now helping you find the perfect match. If someone wanted to build a computer in recent years, they really had to be on their toes. On the one hand, the battle between AMD and Intel intensified on the processor […]