Life after Lost Family: David spends important moments with his mom

The second episode of the new program Lost Family brought two joyful and at the same time very touching meetings. One of the stories followed 40-year-old David, who met his biological mother on the show. After filming, they even celebrated some holidays together. Filming with David ended with a happy meeting, which is also remembered […]

British intelligence: Russians are recruiting Central Asian migrants for war in Ukraine

“There are at least six million migrants from Central Asia in Russia, who are believed to be considered potential recruits by the Kremlin,” the British Ministry of Defense said in its daily report on the situation on the Ukrainian front on Saturday. Russia aims to avoid another mobilization before next year’s presidential elections, according to […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

The creative frenzy that has unleashed the Artificial intelligence In the world of music, it has caused great suspicion among creators, musicians, after dozens of songs synthesized with this technology have grabbed headlines and, worst of all, share of reproductions on streaming platforms. The most striking are those that imitate the voice of famous singers […]