Mossad foils 3 Iranian attacks on Israelis in Turkey

loading… Turkish authorities have arrested a suspected Iranian cell targeting Israeli citizens in Istanbul. The attack was foiled thanks to the cooperation of the Mossad and Turkish intelligence services. CNN Turkey Photo/Screenshot TEL AVIV – Israeli intelligence services, Mossad and their Turkish intelligence colleagues have managed to thwart three attacks Iran targeting civilians Israel of […]

How obesity could affect the brain. Researchers have found extremely serious correlations

The link between obesity and the brain is a fascinating topic that scientists have only recently begun to explore. New research adds important pieces to this puzzle. From the size and functionality of the brain to certain neural circuits, recent studies cited by medicalnewstoday have brought to light important aspects of the connection between obesity […]

Russian Intelligence General Found Dead

loading… Russian intelligence general Lev Sotskov was found dead by suicide in the bathroom of his apartment. Photo/Russia Today MOSCOW – Retired officer Russian intelligence , Lev Sotskov, was found dead in his Moscow apartment. Police said preliminary information indicated the 90-year-old retired major general used a gun he received as a gift from his […]

Targeted therapies, artificial intelligence and advances in genetic diagnosis change the paradigm of hereditary breast cancer

The VIII Conference on Hereditary Breast Cancer brings together a hundred professionals involved in hereditary cancer, organized by SOLTI and GEICAM, in collaboration with the Familial and Hereditary Cancer Section of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM). Almost all cases of breast cancer are… The VIII Conference on Hereditary Breast Cancer brings together […]

this is what the face of one who is intelligent looks like

Is it possible to tell if someone is smart? One piece of research came as a surprising result! The face betrays intelligence The most telling part of our body is the face. If we look at someone, we can immediately tell how happy or sad they are, how demanding their looks are, what makeup they […]

Jailed journalist from Darmstadt released in Iraq

DDarmstadt-born journalist Marlene Förster, who was arrested in Iraq on April 20 and has since been imprisoned by the Iraqi secret service, is free. Slovenian journalist Matej Kavčič, who was detained with her, was also released. After a month’s imprisonment, Iraq has now deported the freelance journalists who had researched the situation of the Yazidis […]

AI, the big push in breast cancer screening

Artificial intelligence as support for radiologists in breast cancer screening would allow a greater number of cancers to be detected, which would mean a better prognosis for the patient and the use of less aggressive treatments, according to Dr. Esperanza Elías, a radiologist specializing in Intelligence Artificial applied to screening … Artificial intelligence as support […]

War in Ukraine, American Intelligence and Death of 12 Russian Generals

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Pentagon denies the content of recently circulated reports that the United States provided intelligence to Ukrainian forces, helping them to effectively kill large numbers of Russian generals. A dozen Russian generals have been killed since the war began at the end of February. Last week, New York Times reported that US […]

Putsch against Putin possible? FSB secret service as a threat

The war in Ukraine is not going the way Russian President Vladimir Putin envisioned, there is little doubt about that. Now there are the first voices that bring a change of power into play. Is Putin’s fall possible? The strength of the Russian armed forces and the threat they pose – these two factors […]