Coronavirus: new infections (188) and deaths (7) are down – Healthcare

There are 188 new ones infected by Covid in the last 24 hours, down from 276 yesterday (-88). The victims are 7 (4 in Lombardy), against 12 yesterday. The total cases rise to 242,827, the deaths to 34,945. Of the newly infected 67, they are in Lombardy (35.6%) and 47 in Emilia Romagna. The regions […]

Two other health workers died in Barranquilla due to possible COVID-19

Two other health workers in Barranquilla, the doctor Andrés Acevedo and the nursing assistant Delcy Talaigua, died – apparently – by COVID-19. The general doctor Andrés Roberto Acevedo, 58 years old, a Costa Rican national and who had been living and working in the city for 17 years, lost his life this Thursday after being […]

Coronavirus: US, Texas over 6,900 hospitalized patients – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Texas has recorded another sad record in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic: up to yesterday, a total of 6,904 people were hospitalized in state hospitals, with an increase of over 2,500 patients in one week. In May, reports the CNN, the peak of hospitalizations had reached 1,888. According […]

Coronavirus: new peak in Israel, 1,000 cases in 24 hours – Last Hour

(ANSA) – TEL AVIV, JULY 02 – Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Israel. In the past 24 hours, according to the ministry of health, there have been around 1000, one of the highest data, bringing the total number of infections to 26,257. Victims also increased from 320 to 322. There are 57 patients in […]

Personería requires EPS Salud Total to improve service

The District Office, headed by Angélica Ávila Goldfarb, made a strong call for attention to Total Health EPS to immediately correct certain behaviors in the care of its members. This urgent request by the Public Ministry is given by the constant complaints and complaints by the users, who have manifested delays in the delivery of […]

They prioritize medical care for those over 60 with COVID-19

People over 60 years of age have become the population most affected by the new coronavirus, to the point that they account for nearly 75% of the deaths registered by this disease in the city. This situation has caused an alert among the district authorities, who launched a strategy to reduce the mortality of older […]

8 dead, 175 new infected. Intensive care below 100

Coronavirus, the bulletin of today Saturday 27 June 2020: rise to 34,716 i dead because of Covid19, 8 the victims more than yesterday, with 97 people still hospitalized in intensive care. The total number of people healed is 188,584, an increase in the last 24 hours of 969 healed, for a total of 240,136 cases. […]

Unisimón graduates specialists in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care

The Barranquilla and Atlántico health network will count from this June 24 with 69 new professionals and specialists who will be at the service of citizens. The Universidad Simón Bolívar will hand them their undergraduate degrees, which will allow them to contribute their knowledge in this emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way […]