Quentin Lafay, emails after

“I’mI’m afraid of my own tracks, what they say and will say about me. “ Try to imagine yourself one day waking up to the news that all your emails and messages from the past ten years have been hacked and are now found all over the Internet. This is what happens to Gaspard, a […]

Germany Buys Millions of Flu Shots to Avoid Interaction with Covid-19 in Fall

The German Government has commissioned 4.5 million supplemental doses of common flu vaccines for inoculation in the coming autumn and winter. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn says that this measure is intended to prevent the health system from being overwhelmed by the simultaneous care of patients with the common flu and infected with the coronavirus. […]

Climate change will fuel fires in the Amazon jungle | Science

In 30 years, the burned area of ​​the Amazon jungle will have doubled. A study based on the evolution of fires so far this century shows that the result of the interaction of deforestation and climate change will be an even greater number of fires that are even more devastating. As a consequence, a good […]

A resuscitation doctor: “It’s the start of the war”

Marc Amouretti, 32, is a doctor in the intensive care unit at Louis Mourier Hospital in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), an establishment dependent on the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals (AP-HP). In the front line facing the Coronavirus epidemic, he tells Release his daily life and how his service is organized to cope. Read also More than […]

CPD Officer Not Fired About Shooting McDonald’s Laquan, says Lawyer – NBC Chicago

An attorney for a Chicago police officer said his client had not intentionally about how he saw the lethal shooting at Laquan McDonald 2014 by Jason Van Dyke. The Chicago Policing Board Ricardo Viramontes and three other officers were released last year due to statements made by an investigation detective or police reports. The statements […]

Don’t push baby in the comp

“Exposing young children to screens is a public health problem.” The statement slams. Especially falling from a study published by the agency Public Health France in its weekly epidemiological bulletin of January 14. Especially since this conclusion is shared by a team of international researchers who released this Wednesday its work on the impact of […]