The United States warns about the international development of the Islamic State

Despite the military successes of the anti-jihadist coalition in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State (IS) group has grown internationally, particularly in Africa, a senior US government official said on Thursday (September 17th). «Over the past year, US and coalition counterterrorism efforts have eliminated key IS leaders and disrupted the group’s terrorist operations in several […]

Memories of New York under Ed Koch

PHOTO SETH WENIG, ARCHIVES AP Ed Koch, mayor of New York from January 1978 to December 1989, pulled his city out of a serious financial crisis. But his time at New York City Hall has also given rise to sordid stories testifying to an urban drift. Richard Hétu, special collaborationTHE PRESS Posted on February 4, […]

Felix Rohatyn, the man who saved New York

DISAPPEARANCE – The former United States ambassador to France, known to have avoided a financial crisis in the metropolis, died on Saturday at the age of 91. By Maurin Picard Felix Rohatyn saved New York City from the worst financial crisis in its history. CHRIS KLEPONIS / AFP For his French friends, he was this […]

in Portland, the battle between anti-racist activists and the federal police

REPORT – For several weeks, the largest city in Oregon has been the site of violent protests. President Trump tries to make it the symbol of the laxity of elected Democrats to present himself as the guarantor of law and order. Amid the smoke from tear gas, a protester faces security forces during a mobilization […]

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi surprised at the hairdresser without a mask

Donald Trump criticized Wednesday the leader of the Democrats in the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, for going to a hairdressing salon in San Francisco, where indoor treatments are prohibited because of the Covid-19, and for having removed her mask. “A setup”, defended the President of the House of Representatives, who claims to have followed […]

New York turned into a ghost town

One million people evacuated in New Jersey, New York turned into a ghost town in less than 24 hours, planes grounded, more than three million people without DIMA electricity, nuclear power plants shut down. Hurricane Irene, a “monster” 850 km in diameter, caused chaos on the eastern seaboard of the United States this weekend. It […]

Boris Johnson’s bad pass

DECRYPTION – The conservatives, until then at the top of the polls, have lost 26 points since the imposition of confinement. The British Prime Minister visits Castle Rock School in Coalville on August 26. JACK HILL / AFP London After a Scottish holiday, in the borders of the kingdom to set an example, Boris Johnson […]

Sinovac says its vaccine is effective against any strain of the coronavirus

Sinovac, one of the three Chinese companies leading the race in the Asian country to achieve a vaccine effective against COVID-19, ensures that the antidote you are developing is effective against the different strains of the coronavirus that causes it. In an interview published today, Tuesday, on state television CGTN, Sinovac CEO Yin Weidong says […]

Nazi salute during brutal police intervention creates controversy

The Belgian Ministry of the Interior promised Thursday, August 20 to shed light on a police intervention “unacceptable“To control a passenger in 2018 at Charleroi airport (south), during which an official in uniform gave a Nazi salute, a spokesperson told AFP. Police No. 2 announced that he was leaving his duties for an internal investigation […]

surprise resignation of the Minister of Finance amid scandal

Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced his resignation on Monday amid rumors of tensions with Justin Trudeau over the management of the pandemic, and while he is at the heart of an ethics scandal also targeting the head of government. «As we enter a new phase in the fight against the pandemic (…), it is […]