“Coronavirus has been dormant all over the world for years” – Wel.nl

There are indications that Covid-19 did not originate in the conscious animal market in Wuhan, China, but had lain dormant in various parts of the world for years. That’s what epidemiologist Tom Jefferson from Oxford University says in The Telegraph. His claim does not come out of the blue. Last week, it was announced that […]

it is unwise to go abroad for a holiday – Wel.nl

Almost every day somewhere in Europe there is a region that has to be locked again, because there is a corona outbreak. Two regions in Spain closed this weekend, one in Catalonia, one in Galicia. Friday was Portugal, Thursday Leicester in England. Anyone who gets stuck there must save himself, the government is not going […]

“Virus that looks a lot like Covid-19 was sent to Wuhan in 2013” – Wel.nl

Scientists stumbled upon a mysterious coronavirus back in 2013 when they examined bat feces. The lung virus resembling Covid-19 was sent to the laboratory in Wuhan for examination. That reports The Sunday Times. Six researchers who studied bat feces in an abandoned mine in Yunnan Province developed severe pneumonia. Three of them died. Well-known SARS […]

WHO ignores aerosols – Wel.nl

More than two hundred scientists have critical questions about the official position of the World Health Organization (WHO) about the causes of coronavirus infection. In an open letter, to be published next week, they urge greater attention to aerosol dispersal. HLN writes about this Maurice the Dog In the Netherlands, Maurice de Hond has been […]

Make a SIM Can from Home, Here’s How and Documents Required

PEOPLE’S PEOPLE – In the era of new or new normal habits, innovation is presented in terms of service to the community to reduce face-to-face interaction. One of them is in the case of making an International Driving License (SIM). Now, the making and extension of an International SIM can be done from home. Read […]

Prince Andrew further in trouble after arrest ‘madam’ Maxwell – Wel.nl

Prince Andrew becomes increasingly entangled in the Jeffrey Epstein affair. Following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on Thursday in New Hampshire, the US prosecutor again asked the n Prince to be interrogated. And the pressure will increase. The prince claims that he cooperated well with the FBI’s investigation. Only: the Americans say that is nonsense. […]

Kidney transplant resumes in Réunion

Following the serious incident which saw a surgeon remove a patient’s healthy kidney instead of the sick kidney (read: The surgeon is wrong and remove the bad kidney), kidney transplants had been suspended at Félix Guyon hospital. In a press release, the ARS announces that the Specialized Commission for the organization of care has delivered […]

Judge gives President of Brazil 48 hours to speak out on protection of Indians

A judge at the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court gave the President, Jair Bolsonaro, 48 hours to demonstrate in the context of an action in which the Government is asked to protect indigenous people against the covid-19. In addition to Bolsonaro, magistrate Luís Roberto Barroso granted on Thursday the same deadline for the Attorney General of […]

BOLA – Country passes 900 cases of Covid-19 (Mozambique)

Mozambique passed the barrier of 900 cases of Covid-19 with the appearance, Wednesday, of 14 more people infected by the pandemic that has already claimed six fatalities. Altogether the country counts 903 positive cases, according to advanced data m. Of the 14 newly infected, 13 are of Mozambican nationality and one is Chinese, of which […]

Scientists devise algorithm to predict new outbreak of coronavirus

To better determine which measures are needed, it would help if you know where the coronavirus breaks out earlier. Scientists have therefore developed an algorithm that can predict an outbreak about three weeks in advance. Professors from the renowned universities of Harvard and Stanford, among others, expect to estimate where Covid-19 will reappear based on […]