Two ruthless thieves torture a handicapped gramoune, sticking a fork in his eye

This January 18, 2021, the two very alcoholic twenty-somethings then fled, leaving their victim on the ground and bathed in his blood. But finally, they had turned around and returned to the apartment to seize the bank card of the seriously injured gramoune. Quickly identified, the two alleged perpetrators had been arrested and indicted for […]

“We are ready for anything”: The inter-union warns the prefect

Towards a major social conflict? The inter-union assured the state services that the discontent movement would harden on Friday at the end of the parliamentary shuttle and foresees a deterioration of the social situation in Reunion: “We told the prefect that from Friday, the situation could become tense in the department and that the government […]

Schedule of blood drives from Saturday March 11 to Friday March 17, 2023

The French Blood Establishment La Réunion- Océan Indien informs you of the mobile blood drives organized from Saturday March 11 to Friday March 17, 2023. By Zinfos 974 – Published on Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 08:17 Planning: Saturday March 11, 2023 📍 PLAINE DES PALMISTES PARTY ROOM………………………………………..08h00 to 13h00 📍 EFS ST PIERRE………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. […]

Blood drive at the Savanna shopping center in Saint-Paul

Mobilization must continue over time; Donors are thus expected from now on in the many mobile collections and in the local donation centres. You can make an appointment directly online or by phone: 0262 90 53 07 or 0262 90 53 92. Blood drive in Saint-Paul: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at the Center Commercial de […]

Strong Plays Festival: Children’s theater with live music in

cultural by Ilse Romahn (02.03.2023) The 29th International Strong Plays Festival for young audiences will take place in the Rhine-Main region from March 2nd to 13th. In this context, the Theater Rüsselsheim will present “BIG BOX and Small Orchestra” by florschütz & döhnert on Tuesday, March 7th at 10 a.m. The object theater with live […]

3200 demonstrators according to the prefecture

February 11, 2023 marked the start of the fourth day of the strike against the pension reform. Two rallies are organized on the island, in Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre, to say “no” to this reform which provides in particular for a decline in the retirement age to 64 and an extension of contributions to 43. At […]

HCirV-1, an unknown virus that attacks the liver, discovered in France

Scientists from the Institut Pasteur, the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital AP-HP, Inserm within the Imagine Institute, Paris Cité University and the National Veterinary School of Alfort (EnvA) have discovered a yet unknown species of circovirus linked to hepatitis in humans, reports Le Point. It is Human Circovirus 1 (HCirV-1). Identified in different animal species in 1974, […]

A mini Terminator T-1000 that passes through bars is born

Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have succeeded in inventing a prototype capable of going where rigid robots cannot reach. This is the mini Terminator T-1000, built from materials with special properties. Still far from the T-1000 concept, this mini robot is no less impressive. Gallium, which has the interesting characteristic of having […]

JSD, the determined Catalan singer with a heart from Reunion

The artist JSD (I Am Determined) Catalan gypsy of Algerian-Dutch origin, is a songwriter and performer who has been living in Reunion for 13 years. He became known 3 years ago with his first title “Charbon” which caused a stir on the networks. Music is his oxygen, it brings him the joy of living. Determined […]

St-Denis: Ericka Bareigts outlines her expectations for 2023

Rewrite this content On the theme of mobility, a question that annoys Saint-Denis where nearly 100,000 vehicles enter and leave the city daily, the mayor and her teams intend to amplify the TCSP currently in place in partnership with Cinor thanks in particular to the BAO project. -BAB (Bus Airport West of St-Denis and Bus […]