Airbnb Cancels Christmas Bookings as New York Introduces Strict Regulations

Users of Airbnb Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ABNB, ISIN: US0090661010) properties who booked in New York City this Christmas are now desperately looking for new places to stay. The San Francisco, California (USA) company announced that it would cancel and refund bookings for stays after December 1, 2023. On September 5, 2023, new regulations to curb illegal […]

The Overwhelming Effects of Constant Connectivity: Finding Peace in a Tech-Driven World

That’s right and it works. But doesn’t our monkey brain with outdated software also have this sensory overload when watching advertising and driving? That’s why it’s actually important to set specific times and stay strong. But what I find even worse is that when you consciously put your smartphone down, it immediately screams at you. […]

The Misunderstood Fear: Unmasking the Supposed Smiles of Pet Macaques

Supposed smiles are actually fear Some viewers misinterpreted the primates’ behaviors, expressions and gestures as pleasure, happiness or joy, the report said. The supposed smile is often a grimace with which the animals express their fear. Experts agree that keeping primates as pets is inherently cruel and poses a host of problems. Like other wild […]

Identity Theft in France Reaches Alarming Levels: The Story of François

François, 34, is one of the 200,000 French people who are victims of identity theft each year. Since 2021, he has regularly received requests for reimbursement of consumer loans to which he never subscribed. Each letter asks him for 3000, 8000, and even more than 17,000 euros for the purchase of a vehicle. “It exceeds […]

SBS warns about informal financial activities on the internet

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS), in response to various queries and in safeguarding the interests of citizens, warns that schemes that carry out financial activities without being registered or without authorization from this institution have been operating in the country. The following entities and schemas They do not have authorization from the […]

Parents should guide their children about the risks on the internet and social networks

Ministry of Education offers recommendations to avoid cyberbullying and situations of violence in virtual environments Although the use of technology through social networks allows more interactive learning in our children, there are many risks and types of violence in virtual environments such as cyberbullying that affects both their academic performance and their socio-emotional well-being. The […]

China: ex-Alibaba boss finally leaves the group

After several years of turbulence in China for powerful tech companies, Alibaba announced in March the largest reorganization in its history. It provided for the division of the group into six distinct entities with the ambition of being able to list them on the stock exchange separately. And the internal replacement of its CEO Daniel […]