International Internet Day, celebrated on October 29

International Internet Day is celebrated every year on October 29, the date on which the first message was sent from one computer to another. 43 years ago, in 1969, Charley Kline of UCLA (California) first tried to connect online. Kline transmitted from a university-hosted SDD 7 SDD computer the message ‘login’ to a Stanford Research […]

Elon Musk tested brain implant on pigs

The billionaire believes it could help patients with speech disorders or paralysis. Elon Musk promises that the operation is reversible and does not cause “noticeable brain injury». ALY SONG/REUTERS “It’s like a smartwatch in your skull. ” This is how Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk described brain implant technology developed by Neuralink, a company […]

Global internet outage caused by US company on Sunday

Several sites such as Amazon, eBay, and the video game platforms PlayStation Network and XBox Live suffered from connection problems for several hours. LAmerican telecommunications company CenturyLink suffered a network outage lasting several hours on Sunday affecting websites, streaming platforms and video games in the United States and Europe, including online broadcasts of Ligue 1 […]

Coronavirus: in Vietnam, first day without a new case since July 25 | Health

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam did not identify any new cases of infection with the new coronavirus on Sunday August 30, for the first time in a day since July 25, maintaining the national toll at 1,040, according to the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of Covid-19 Health workers guide a woman to […]

Vodafone users report problems with the Internet and mobile communications

Vodafone customers complain of a malfunction: This should primarily affect the cell phone and Internet connection. According to Vodafone, fewer than 1,000 users are affected by the disruption. Photo series with 11 pictures Update 8:23 p.m.: According to Vodafone, the malfunction has now been resolved: “The systems are being controlled and monitored again, and customers […]

Cem Küçük – Fatih Portakal incident in Turkish media

Fox TV main news server Fatih Orange bid farewell to his television career. You know, one of my areas of expertise is media history. I haven’t been writing about the media for a long time. Let’s do a media analysis today on the occasion of this Portakal. Fatih Portakal is undoubtedly a media phenomenon. Recognized […]

Süleyman Özışık – Why is Fatih Portakal swearing on the street?

Fatih Portakal, who stopped by saying that he wanted to retire and announced that he left Fox. Orange bases his resignation on the following grounds: “I am tired. There is a burden on me that I do not want. I am seen as the voice of the opposition. I do not want to live as […]

Army diet .. He loses 5 kg in 3 days

Tell me – A new way to reduce weight has appeared on the scene recently, through the so-called “army diet.” According to the Saudi newspaper, “Ajel”, this type of diet can lose you five kilograms of weight in just three days. This diet relies on consuming a small amount of calories and eating chemically consistent […]