Marina Dénia launches the prevention campaign ‘A safe summer’

The first talks will take place on June 19 and 26 Marina Dénia and HCB Dénia have presented this morning the fundamental advice campaign for the summer as a result of the collaboration agreement that the hospital maintains with the marina and tourist port. “In this area we live with a wonderful climate, with many […]

Discovering Mon Casque Velo: An Interview with Sabrina at the Top Family.

The personalities who make Alsace live, move and dance, meet you every evening, 7-9 p.m. in the Top Family. Sabrina, salesperson for the Mon Helmet Bike e-commerce platform, was in the Top Family to introduce us to the brand and the helmets on offer. Site internet : Facebook : Instagram : TikTok […]

Canary Islands Hemodonation Institute Reports Over 65,000 Effective Donations in 2022

The Canary Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy, dependent on the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, registered during the past year 2022 a total of 65,935 effective donations thanks to the participation of 45,690 donors. These data have been released by the ICHH after analyzing the profile of the blood donor […]

What happens to residual fertilizers in times of drought

Within the framework of a new edition of the Fertility Symposium, which is being held in the Metropolitan Hall of the city of Rosario, one of the topics discussed is what happens to fertilizer residuals in times of drought. Within this framework, María Fernanda Sanjuan spoke with Agrofy News and explained the main aspects that […]

“Brexit Hardliners Accuse Sunak of Treason Over Dispute on EU Laws”

Great Britain Dispute over EU laws: Brexiteers accuse Sunak of treason British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has to answer questions in the House of Commons. Foto: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament/PA Media/dpa Sunak’s government actually wanted to declare thousands of laws from the time of EU membership invalid. But […]

General David Petraeus in “K”: We must be patient with Turkey

The NATO has suffered a series of disappointments with the Turkeybut its geostrategic position is critical, he underlines at his interview with “K” the former director of the CIA and 4-star general David Petraeus, adding that the superiority of the Greek Armed Forces was evident in every battlefield in which it participated. Petraeus, the current […]

“The Seine Pilot Station Welcomes New High-Speed Launch “

The Seine pilot station has just received two new launches. The first, named Belcinac, arrived a few days ago by truck from Vendée, where it was built by the Delavergne yard in Avrillé. Designed by the Nantes architectural office Pierre Delion, this small unit, mainly for river use, is 9 meters long (9.58 overall) for […]