Expert reveals how sensible it is to emulate star investors

Zwickau (ots) – Michael Burry has enjoyed great fame since the film “The Big Short” at the latest and is seen as a role model. This is his third portfolio redesign: from January through March, he bought Alphabet, Meta and eight other stocks for $165 million. He once predicted the financial crisis and is now […]

Foreign investor demand boosts Dubai real estate

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan) A Reuters poll expected that housing prices in Dubai will rise steadily over the next two years, driven by demand from foreign investors. With the economic recovery driven by high energy prices and the revival of trade and tourism, the real estate market in Dubai ignored some of the declines last year due […]

“Interest rates between two and three percent are not disruptive”

Jurgen Michael Schick The real estate boom in this country could end in one to two years, says the IVD President. Source: Michael Schick Real Estate The Immobilienverband Deutschland (IVD) still considers the German house and apartment market to be attractive despite the growing uncertainties. Above all, interest in existing properties will remain “extremely strong” […]

The energy sector would be demanding to be able to settle ONLY 50% of exports… (H.Rovelli

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Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for March 9-11 – Finance – Kommersant

Vladimir Evstifeev,head of analytical department The ruble will inevitably remain highly volatile The ruble remains in a vacuum as trading on the Russian exchanges is still closed. Under these conditions, the Russian currency is more responsive to the flow of geopolitical news, while at the same time evaluating measures to support and protect the ruble […]

Timing of fear for investors

Just two weeks ago, on the financial horizon there was a cascade of interest rate hikes by the central banks of the eurozone and the United States. Good news for savers and investors and bad news for those who pay a mortgage. But on February 25, Russia invaded Ukraine and the landscape has changed substantially […]

Radovan Vávra is planning a project with the controversial company Xixoio

According to Xixoio representatives, their platform offers a revolutionary solution that combines the benefits of ICO (Initial Coin Offering, issue of own token on blockchain with the aim of raising capital – note. red.), such as low cost and speed, and the classic IPO, ie the primary subscription of shares on a regulated stock exchange. […]

US corporations in SH: Caterpillar is not everywhere

US corporations in Schleswig-Holstein – Negative example Caterpillar? There’s another way What matters is profit. Social responsibility? A foreign word. There are many prejudices about the behavior of US corporations. The construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar seems to confirm it. But Caterpillar is not everywhere.