How to unlock the “iPhone” with your voice only, even in the “locked” state

“Apple” allows you to unlock the “iPhone” device using only your voice, in iOS 14.6 and later versions. For several years now, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has included a Voice Control feature that enables users to control a variety of system functions using just their voice. Until recently, one of the limitations of Voice […]

this is the unexpected result – FayerWayer

Get a smartphone, especially a iPhone 14 It is always very delicate terrain and requires serious thought about the investment and care it requires. Apple phones are never cheap and this requires users to be especially careful when owning one. There are clearly an infinite number of accessories on the market that can help us […]

WhatsApp will Support 1,024 Members per Group, 2 Times Now

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 12:34 WIB Illustration of WhatsApp. <!–Ilustrasi WhatsApp.–> TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – BFor those who want to create organizational groups, school alumni groups, political volunteers, Rukun Warga groups and others with many members, there is good news from WhatsApp. The company strives […]

Apple Changes iPhone Battery Percentage Display in iOS 16.1

However, some iPhone users do not like the latest design of this iPhone battery percentage. Although the percentage number appears inside the icon, the company does not display battery percentage meter on the battery. This makes the battery icon always visible and the battery status is only indicated by a change in the color of […]