Do You Have An Uncashed Tax Check? Here’s What To Do & How To Fix Other IRS Issues

getty If you have an uncashed tax check at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you’re not alone. Scores of taxpayers and tax professionals have been reaching out about uncashed checks. Making matters worse, the IRS has been sending out underpayment or failure-to-pay notices for those payments. First, you should know that this is clearly a […]

These are the citizens who will not receive the federal incentive of $ 1,200

This week the Department of the Treasury will continue disbursing the federal incentive of $ 1,200 to individuals, included in the CARES Act for the emergency caused by the coronavirus. However, not all residents of Puerto Rico qualify for financial aid, as has happened in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) details the […]

Election campaign and Corona: Trump’s name on emergency aid checks

DThe US Treasury Department has ordered the name of President Donald Trump to be printed on emergency checks for millions of Americans, according to the Washington Post. It is an unprecedented step that threatens to delay delivery to recipients by a few days, the paper wrote on Wednesday, citing non-named employees of the IRS tax […]

The new tax period: Pay by July 15th

In a historic move, the Internal Revenue Service has postponed the April 15 tax payment deadline to July 15 this year for many people who haven’t paid their taxes for 2019. On Wednesday, the agency released details on how to change the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Conclusion: Individuals wishing to delay their tax payments […]