A Saudi “trap” in the “Dubai Expo”!

A few days ago, the organizers of the Saudi pavilion, at Expo Dubai, celebrated the visit of more than 500,000 people to the pavilion, outperforming the 193 pavilions of countries participating in the “Expo”, although the pavilion’s unique design and rich diversity are among the factors of great demand. On the pavilion, however, the hospitality, […]

ISIS sympathizers massacre 60 villagers in Niger

loading… NIAMEY – At least 60 people were reported killed in attacks carried out by groups of sympathizers ISIS in a remote southwest area Niger . The incident took place earlier this week in a remote area bordering Burkina Faso and Mali, but news appears to have emerged only recently. “Heavily armed members of the […]

The first quarterly surplus in the Saudi budget since 2019

At a time when Saudi Aramco – the largest international oil company – announced that its business performance had doubled for the third quarter of this year, the Saudi Ministry of Finance disclosed, on Sunday, that the quarterly budget recorded a financial surplus, for the first time since 2019. According to an announcement by the […]

The government is powerless… and Qardahi’s resignation is “forbidden”

“Hezbollah” obstructs Lebanon’s attempts to resolve the crisis with the Gulf Hezbollah is obstructing Lebanon’s attempts to resolve the crisis with the Gulf by preventing the resignation of Information Minister George Kordahi, who announced yesterday that he does not intend to take this step, while the government finds itself helpless in the face of the […]

Enhanced features of Android 12L for tablets and foldable phones

The American technology and Internet services giant “Google” revealed its intention to add new features to the updated version of the operating system for smart devices “Android 12”; It specifically targets devices with wide screens such as tablets and foldable phones. Google called the new version “Android 12L” and it will be available early next […]

Why did Facebook change its identity? | Middle east

The reasons for companies changing their identities and names vary according to the state of the company, and companies usually change their identity when merging with another company, so that the identity of one company does not prevail over another. This change also occurs in sync with the change in the strategic direction or future […]

Inspired by ISIS, 5 men in Germany are suspected of planning terrorist acts

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – German counter-terrorism units on Thursday, October 28, 2021, searched the homes of five young people, who were suspected of having planned an attack, which was initiated by the radical Islamic State group (ISIS). Prosecutors said the search was carried out in the western city of Bonn, Germany. The five alleged perpetrators were […]

iPhone is preparing to launch its new phone

New York: Some websites specialized in technical affairs have leaked a little information related to the expected “iPhone SE 3”, which will have excellent specifications and a competitive price. According to the latest leaks, the expected phone will be similar in design to the iPhone SE 2, and will come with a fingerprint scanner installed […]