André Kuipers about ‘birthday’ ISS: ‘You can get lost’ | NOW

Monday marks exactly twenty years since astronauts first took up residence on the International Space Station. Since then the station has always been inhabited. Astronaut André Kuipers tells in conversation with what life is like there: “You can certainly get lost. Sometimes you are in a cabin and you do not know whether you […]

Most of the ISS ran out of oxygen, fortunately all crew survived – The oxygen supply system in the module in the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) failed to operate, fortunately all the crew survived. This was reported by the Russian space agency Roscosmos Thursday (15/10/2020). According to a spokesman for Roscosmos, the oxygen supply system on the Zvezda module in the orbital […]

3.6 Tons of Radish Seeds, Meat, and Cheese Sent to the ISS Space Station

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – A space station cargo plane shot into Earth orbit on Friday, October 2 US time. The plane carries a 360-degree camera, radish seeds to plant, cheese for the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). Northrop Grumman company launches Cygnus capsules to the ISS Station from the coast of […]

“The question of state aid does not arise”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is still at the very beginning of the corona crisis. The feared wave of bad loans has not yet reached the largest domestic money house. But CEO Christian Sewing makes it clear that the bank wants to get through the pandemic without state aid. “Thanks to our strategic realignment coupled with the […]

Investors refuse to buy back shares from Deutsche Bank

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank 2019 There will not be that much closeness between CEO Christian Sewing (left) and Supervisory Board boss Paul Achleitner at this year’s online general meeting of Deutsche Bank. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Lots of questions, little folklore – measured by the usual drama, the online general meeting of Deutsche Bank […]

Crisis rings the cash register at Deutsche Börse

Frankfurt Apparently Theodor Weimer had a premonition. “If the markets are buzzing, then our sales will increase,” said the CEO at the beginning of February at the New Year’s reception at Deutsche Börse. “That differentiates us.” If you want to secure your equity investments, you have to join the Hessian company: “The Deutsche Börse share […]