Pedro Snchez already breaks the record for high positions by finger in the Government

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –22:44 A small gap made a gap. The law requires that high positions in the ministries, such as CEOs, be appointed by thegovernmentbetween career officials of the State, the Autonomous Communities or the local Entities, belonging to theSubgroup A1. However, the Executive is allowed to impose exceptions if there is […]

Julio Anguita, the charism of the pending revolution

Updated Saturday,     16     may     2020     –13:06 Julio Anguita was a scholar of the heart. In every sense. Physically and emotionally. “Engine of passions and cradle of honor,” he called it. Anguita’s heart was the center of her life and has been the protagonist of her death. He gave him the necessary notices to change his […]

Ten meetings of the King with ministers: all of the PSOE, none of Podemos

Updated Monday,     13     April     2020     –22:55 Spain faces its worst crisis in decades and most political parties are focused on the fight against the coronavirus. But from Podemos and Izquierda Unida, which share the Government with the PSOE, they are not willing to let this dramatic situation prevent them from further eroding the Crown at […]

Kichi is emerging as leader of the new party to launch Teresa Rodrguez

Politics Teresa Rodrguez leaves from Podemos Andaluca and leaves Pablo Iglesias the control of the only critical federation The march of Teresa Rodrguez of the controls of Podemos in Andaluca mean a greaterleft atomizationIn the autonomous community, if the project of the Cadiz leader is announced, announced this morning, of forming a political party outside […]

We can look to get your social agenda in Moncloa: ‘Slo s es s’ and childhood

Thursday, 6 February 2020 – 02:04 Shielding sexual consent and the protection of minors are the first measures that the Iglesias party wants to approve The Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, accesses the official car, this Wednesday, after going to the burning chapel of film director Jos Luis Cuerda.JUANJO SACRISTN The government pact […]