Kadiv Hubinter Polri Warns of Scamming Cases: Most prison networks

Jakarta – The International Relations Division (Divhubinter) of the National Police uncover cases of fraud or scamming largest in the Philippines. The Kadiv Intermediary Division of the National Police Inspector General Krishna Murti appealed to the public to be more careful regarding modes scamming. “Don’t be easily fooled by scamming. There is an overseas network […]

The impact of Otista Road being closed, a number of roads in Bogor city are congested

Bogor – A number of roads in Bogor City experienced traffic jams until this afternoon. The congestion occurred due to the closure of Jalan Otista and traffic engineering. monitoring detikcom, Tuesday (2/5/2023) at 15.22 WIB, traffic jams still occur in the Sempur Field area, Jalan Jalak Harupat. The queue of vehicles seemed to snake up […]

600 Thousand Homecoming Vehicles Have Not Returned to Jabodetabek

Jakarta – Head of the Police Traffic Corps Inspector General Firman Santyabudi said that not all travelers’ vehicles had returned to the Jabodetabek area. About 600 thousand vehicles have not returned from their hometowns. “Until last night we got data of 600,000 who had not returned from four directions, from Cikupa and also those in […]

Jasa Marga Predicts 808 Thousand Vehicles Have Not Returned to Greater Jakarta

Jakarta – Corporate Communication and Community Development Group Head of Jasa Marga, Lisye Octaviana, said that the return flow of travelers on a number of Jasa Marga toll roads has only been realized 18 percent. Jasa Marga predicts that there are still 808 vehicles that have not returned to Jabotabek “Jasa Marga recorded the realization […]

None of the Members are on Eid Leave!

Jakarta – Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Karyoto asked personnel to be on standby to secure Idul Fitri homecoming. Polda Metro Jaya members are not allowed to take leave, unless there is a very urgent and urgent need. “None of us are on holiday and none of us are on leave, unless for example a […]

BMKG’s analysis of strong winds blowing in Jakarta

Jakarta – Strong winds felt in Jakarta today. BMKG said there was cluster cumulonimbus clouds which can potentially rain at a number of points in Jakarta. “Based on monitoring of BMKG radar images, it has been observed since around 15.30 WIB until now cluster cumulonimbus clouds in the North Jakarta, West Jakarta, and Central Jakarta […]

6 Facts about the Fire in Salak Hospital, Bogor City

Jakarta – The fire occurred at the Salak Hospital, Central Bogor, Bogor City, West Java (West Java). The fire engulfed several hospital buildings, especially at the Headquarters of the Health Detachment (Denkes). To note, Salak Bogor Hospital is a Level III Hospital within the Ministry of Defense and the TNI based on Minister of Defense […]

Kapolda Metro Reveals the Cause of Jakarta Traffic jams are Getting Worse

Jakarta – Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Karyoto revealed the causes of traffic jams in Jakarta getting worse, which drew criticism and complaints from the public. Karyoto said the reason was due to the high activity of people entering Jakarta. “Because of the traffic in Jakarta crowded when people from area to area work it’s […]

15 Teenagers Fight in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, End of Sarong Tied with Stones

Jakarta – A total of 15 teenagers fought using sarongs tied to stones at the ends on Jalan Durian, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta (Jaksel). The teenagers were then arrested by the police. “The teenagers who carried out the brawl (sarong war) have been arrested,” said Jagakarsa Police Chief Kompol Multazam Lisendra in his statement, Saturday (25/3/2023). […]