Anies Busy Making Bike Paths Instead of Tackling Jakarta’s Pollution

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta is again in the first position for the worst air quality in the world. PSI criticized DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan for being busy building bicycle lanes rather than solving major problems in Jakarta. “Our governor seems to have forgotten about Jakarta’s main problems, such as pollution, traffic jams, floods, clean […]

4 Latest Things About Closing Tebet Eco Park

Jakarta – Taman Tebet Eco Park, South Jakarta, is temporarily closed after recently opening post-renovation. The closure was carried out because the Tebet Eco Park will be used as a low emission zone which will support the Blue Sky Program to control Jakarta’s air pollution. The Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, sees […]

Jakarta Lenggang Traders Hope Monas Open Until Night

Jakarta – The trial for opening the Monas area has been carried out. Merchants Lenggang Jakarta, whose stall was burned to the ground, also enjoys this dynamic. In the temporary relocation area, they hope that the Monas area will be open until evening. This was stated by Sila (35), one of the Lenggang traders whose […]

PAN Sindir Giring PSI Ketum Wants to be DKI Governor: Why has the target dropped?

Jakarta – General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Giring Ganesha expressed his desire to become Governor of DKI Jakarta. Secretary of the DKI DPRD PAN faction, Oman Rohman Rakinda, satirized Giring’s ambitions. “Wow, how come the target is down, right? The billboard is a presidential candidate,” said Oman to reporters, Saturday (11/6/2022). […]

Private Party in Depok Becomes a Polemic, Criminal Elements Investigated

Depok – Private party which was held by a group of young people in a luxury house in Pesona Depok Estate, Sukmajaya, Depok, caused a polemic. There were no sex parties or drugs related to holding a bikini party at the luxury house. The police are currently investigating the related criminal elements private party the. […]

It’s sad the phenomenon of teenagers blocking trucks for content that ends in crashing

Jakarta – ABG’s action of stopping trucks for the sake of content is being highlighted. The reason is, this action is very dangerous because it causes casualties. The National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) said this phenomenon occurred because of the wrong parenting pattern of children from parents or families. “What does that mean, […]