Esprit, Hilfiger & Adidas swimwear greatly reduced

Today is the last day of the Fashion Sale Week at Amazon: take the last chance on one of the fashion bargains. We show the best fashion deals of the day and check the offers for you. Browse for summer fashion and shoes and watches from popular brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Puma […]

He wore pants to exercise but the result did not go well | Cuyo’s diary

The coronavirus pandemic presented a challenge for all those who have an exercise routine to perform outside their homes. Due to the quarantine, many sports fans had to adapt their lifestyles in order to maintain their daily lives. However, accidents are common and a humorous blooper was recently met by a young woman who tried […]

Happy Mondays, very Barbados trip – Culture / Next

The year is 1989: Manchester has been wiped off the map. The rainy and gray city of the north of England, which saw the birth of Joy Division and the Smiths, has been demolished, disintegrated, replaced by Madchester, silly twin, where ecstasy is swallowed by full handles and where the rhythm does not descends further […]

Coronavirus. Who is Jean Castex, the “Monsieur déconfinement”?

A month ago, no one would have imagined it for a moment. It would have even made us smile, as much as the creation of the Ministry of Free Time in its time. And yet, for the past few days, there has indeed been a “minister” of deconfinement in the government. And even if he […]

The crisis must not be misused for individual interests

Never waste a good crisis! Under this heading, political scientists Jack Blumenau and Benjamin E. Lauderdale describe how particular interests have used the euro crisis for institutional reforms. There is a general problem behind this: In severe crises, politicians can no longer maintain the previous policy, but they also do not know which policy can […]

Fashion Week: fashion, always more hybrid

Glenn Martens, creator of Y / Project invited us Monday at the foot of the Montparnasse tower, a stone’s throw from the somewhat outdated shopping center of the capital’s most unloved monument. Martens is a manitou of deconstruction, of the mixture of materials and eras (80s and 90s). His fashion is postmodern, made of allures […]

Fashion week: fashion tales and legends

The invitation to the parade Loewe took the form of a vinyl on which appears the grinning face of Megan Rapinoe, contemporary heroine (she is one of the first sportsmen to come out), famous American football player (Ballon d’Or 2019) and muse of the season. Nothing really shows from this exchange in the latest collection […]

Jacob Longabardi wanted by QLD police

A 45-year-old man has taken a one-year-old girl from a Gold Coast unit complex under “high-risk circumstances,” which led to a police search. Queensland police issued an amber alert for the girl around 11:15 p.m. Thursday night. In a statement, officials said Jacob Longabardi, 45, knew the girl and took her out of the Southport […]