They protest against Amazon in front of the luxurious house of Jeff Bezos

Dozens of activists demonstrated this Wednesday in front of the luxurious Jeff Bezos apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York against the Amazon practices, which, in his opinion, have increased the fortune of the tycoon, while small businesses have been forced to close by the pandemic. In the protest, promoted by the organizations ALIGN-NY, Make […]

She is Lauren Sánchez, the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)

After 25 years of marriage, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos sand divorced his wife MacKenzie. The reason was that the richest man in the world had an affair with the television presenter Lauren Sanchez and has been dating her since last year. Last January, the Amazon founder and his wife suddenly announced their separation, […]

Jeff Bezos’ 3 Questions for Hiring Employees at Amazon

Amazon is one of the most desired companies to work for among recent graduates of American universities. Well, although a large part of its staff works in warehouses, it also has professionals in charge of logistics, finance and development of technological innovations to improve online sales. Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, believes that […]

Bezos increasingly scrappy, worth over 200 billion – Internet and Social

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, AUG 27 – Jeff Bezos increasingly scrooge. The owner of Amazon, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, is worth more than 200 billion dollars, to be exact 202 billion. Bezos thus becomes the first in the world to cross this threshold. The ranking sees Microsoft founder Bill Gates in second place […]