Finally! Xi welcomes Biden to strengthen China-US relations

Finally! Xi welcomes Biden to strengthen China-US relations Date 26 Nov 2020 at 12:45 Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden after winning the election more than two weeks. CNN reported on Nov. 25, China’s President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Joe. Biden said that the new president of the United States. After winning the […]

World Today: Foreign news issues worth watching today | RYT9

President Donald Trump revealed that He will leave the White House If the Electoral College poured votes to Mr. Joe Biden However, President Trump said that If the electorate decides to vote for Mr Biden Is considered to be doing something wrong With said For him It is very difficult to accept defeat in this […]

Trump Addresses Republicans: “We Have Proof of K …

Current President Donald Trump has spoken at what he called a “very important Senate hearing in Pennsylvania,” but was an unofficial meeting of a local Republican committee and Trump’s team at a hotel in Gettysburg. He repeated his allegations of voting fraud and said he had the evidence. Now all he needs is a judge […]

Sharon Stone joins Joe Biden’s transition team

Being “more useful, more productive” is the new goal of actress Sharon Stone, who is now involved in politics. She thus confirmed that she is part of New US President Joe Biden’s transition team and its vice-president Kamala Harris, as reported, Monday, November 23, the journalal 20minutes. “Yes I am part of Biden’s transition team, (…) […]

Biden eyes economic team debut next week | RYT9

Kate Bedingfield, communications director for the President of the United States, Joe Biden said: Biden will announce his nominees for the economic team and other key positions. Of the new administration in the next week After the presidential power transfer has begun this week. Bedingfield told reporters: Biden’s power transfer team worked professionally and was […]

Mexico, Brazil, Russia and North Korea still do not recognize Biden’s triumph

Andrés Manuel López Obrador from Mexico, Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil, Vladimir Putin from Russia and the North Korean, Kim Jong-un, are the presidents who still not congratulating Joe Biden, President-elect of the United States. This Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Joe Biden for his electoral victory in the United States, in the midst of […]

“Looking from the outside, Trump must be in depression”

“Diversity and many women.” Those were the aspects that the international analyst Raúl Sohr highlighted on Joe Biden’s announcements regarding his cabinet. On Tuesday, the president-elect unveiled his top foreign policy and national security selections, a sextet made up of three women and three men. The appointment of Antony Blinken as the next Secretary of […]

No ministerial post for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, …

Joe Biden (central) with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in a debate before the Democratic primaries. Photo: AP Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two figureheads of the progressive wing of the Democratic party, are unlikely to hold a ministerial post in the government under President Joe Biden. In an interview with NBC, Biden said he […]