What a mother, what a Katka? Cocaine, joint and Lila Moss

In a provocative top, a translucent resin corset, we will see it inside the British version. Unconventional debut! It’s sexy, extravagant, but let’s not look for it, Kate Moss It appeared in the title of GQ magazine in silicone sequin paint eight years ago. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne: Backstage Shooting Collection for Mango Fall […]

Reason for some side effects after Covid vaccine: Nocebo reaction

According to scientists, this is caused by effects known as “Nocebo reactions”, meaning that negative expectations affect the person negatively. Experts from Boston-based Beth Israel Diabetes Medical Center found that known Kovid vaccine side effects, such as headache, fatigue, and joint pain, are also observed when a placebo drug, also known as a “sugar drug”, […]

GSK refuses to sell Teraflu and Aquafresh to Unilever

Business , Jan 15, 9:37 pm 0 GSK rejects £50bn offer from Unilever to buy joint venture with Pfizer Unilever offered £50bn ($68.5bn) for the joint venture between GSK and Pfizer, but the partners considered the price too low. Bloomberg writes that Unilever may come out with a new offer Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS […]

A pivotal month and the explosion is a matter of time

The incidents that took place between the towns of Maghdoushe and Anqon in eastern Sidon, and before that between the concerned towns of Fneideq and Akkar al-Atika, were not surprising, because all the security reports that were reported in the past period to senior officials warned “of the danger of leaving the political situation in […]