End of the war in 1945: When Leni Riefenstahl burned her own films

JAs the end of the war approaches, the more nervous Leni Riefenstahl becomes in 1945. After all, she glorified Hitler in the party conference film, celebrated fascist aesthetics in the Olympic film, and probably every second Allied soldier believes that she is the leader’s lover. In fact, she is on an American list of war […]

“Berlin 1945”: Hanns Zischler on pictures never seen before

WHow can a time be captured in pictures in which the mobile geography of war determines people’s life, which has become precarious? How do you imagine today, 75 years later, a Berlin that stood at the centrifugal beginning and at the centripetal end of this war? The further we move away from the contemporaries of […]

Volker Ullrich: Chronicle of the last week of the Third Reich after Hitler’s death

Siegfried Unseld was one of the first to know. As a marine radio operator, the then twenty-year-old Suhrkamp publisher was one of the radio squads that transmitted messages from the naval commander-in-chief, Grand Admiral Dönitz, in the last few weeks of the war. Unseld’s radio station at Dönitz’s improvised headquarters in Plön in Holstein was […]

The latest opinion piece by José María Calleja: Diario de la fever

The diary of those affected by virus fever incorporates a series of essential routines to try to beat the bug, we will see in what period. It is necessary to take the Paracetamol that they recommend at the neighborhood health center, in my case in Madrid. At first the pill was taken first and then […]

The sanctity of art

BY ACHILLE BONITO OLIVA Updated:04/18/2020 00: 53h save Art does not repeat visible things, it makes visible those that are not. This is the premise of the works of José María Cano. The Spanish artist has painted a series of portraits of the Apostles in encaustic. The technique used in ancient times in Egyptian paintings […]

Jos Legr, admitted with symptoms of coronavirus

The Hispanic-CubanJosé Legrá, 77, one of the world boxing legends, has been admitted this Thursday at the Gómez Ulla Hospital in Madrid after sufferingcoronavirus symptoms, as reported by the Spanish Boxing Federation. “The Spanish Boxing Federation on behalf of its president, Felipe Martínez, wants to send strength and encouragement to José Legrá,former world featherweight champion, […]

ARD “The Driven”: When Merkel’s husband doubted “We can do it”

EIt could also have been a “dawn of the gods”. The downfall of a politician. Beginning of the end. And we keep hearing an exciting Ostinato motif, which is no coincidence that it resembles the stormy beginning of the “Valkyrie”. Incidentally, the only authentic filming location in these two TV hours is the Bayreuth Festival […]