Kicillof, CFK, Larreta and others

The author Eduardo Sacheri makes an unforgettable reference to the concept of the passing of the years. There he assures that time is to blame for everything, “that insists on elapse, when sometimes it should remain stopped”, “that makes us the guachada of breaking the perfect, immaculate, unforgettable, complete moments”. Yesterday the academic Soledad Quereilhac, […]

For those who always want more, Movistar Prepago

Gigas and WhatsApp for free and gift credit. The new campaign comes with a novelty: the free Fire game available for prepaid Movistar customers By iProfessional 27/09/2022 – 15,15hs Movistar’s prepaid segment relaunches its campaign to provide the best benefits to its customers. With this, the promotions are reinforced to cover all the needs of […]

Buckingham Palace shares first photo of Queen’s headstone

A photo of the new headstone of Queen Elizabeth II and her immediate family has been released just days before Windsor Castle reopens its doors to visitors. The stone is made of hand-carved black Belgian marble. Engraved numbers and letters show the names, dates of birth and death of the Queen, her husband Philip, her […]

3 ways to keep your brain healthy –

There is a link between the extent to which your brain is active and the aging of your brain, and probably even with dementia. What are the key factors in keeping them healthy? “The keys to our nervous system are the gray and white matter,” said Professor Hermundur Sigmundsson, of the University of Science and […]

First patient cured –

In the United Kingdom, a modified cold sore virus is used in the treatment of cancer. One patient was cured as a result, in others the tumors shrank. The weakened and modified version of the cold sore virus infects and destroys harmful cancer cells. Longer studies are needed, but early results are promising for people […]

What the color of your snot means –

Snot – or neater mucus – comes in all kinds of colors. And the color of the mucus almost always says something about what’s going on with you. Transparent Clear mucus is mostly water, with proteins, antibodies and dissolved salts. Your nasal tissues produce it 24/7. Most of it flows down the back of your […]

Mayor, Krach and Miersch discuss energy situation

TEACHED/SEEK “Especially in challenging times, the exchange is important,” says Matthias Miersch, local member of the Bundestag, opening the digital meeting of the “Standing Committee”, to which he invited the mayors of his constituency as well as the regional president Steffen Krach. Miersch founded the Standing Committee at the beginning of his work as a […]