Ellacuría and universal justice – Press Review

A portrait of Ignacio Ellacuría during a tribute ceremony in El Salvador in 2017. Jose Cabezas / Reuters In November 2013, the National High Court issued international arrest warrants for Jiang Zemin and Li Peng, then former Chinese President and Prime Minister respectively. He accused them of crimes against humanity for carrying out a “systematic […]

that’s how bad it is for your body – Wel.nl

In 2019, 50.1 percent of the Dutch were overweight. About 15 percent was obese. When so many people struggle with it, you might think it’s not that bad. But certainly those who are way too fat can suffer the consequences. With a BMI between 25 and 29.9 people are overweight. According to the Dutch Heart […]

In Canada it is illegal for moose to lick your car – Wel.nl

Anyone entering Jasper’s Canadian National Park will see a remarkable prohibition sign: Don’t let a moose lick your car. The board raises many questions. First, how do you make sure he doesn’t? Second, why should a moose not lick your car? And third, why does he want that so badly? According to the park rangers, […]

El Universal journalist, winner of the contest “Narrate the port city” | THE UNIVERSAL

Manuel Fernando Herrera, a journalist for the newspaper El Universal, won the contest called “Narrar la ciudad Puerto” called “Narrar la ciudad Puerto”, aimed at journalists in the country and which is now in its sixth version. On this occasion, the contest “Narrating the Port City” sought to reward the best journalistic piece whose central […]

These are five companies that are already accepting Bitcoin

It is no longer just individuals who are investing in Bitcoin, with its expansion there are already companies that use them to invest in their businesses With the rapid growth of digital currenciesespecially Bitcoin, numerous companies have begun to use them to invest in their businesses. MasterCard MasterCard had adopted the patent related to 30 […]

your doubts about the future of the pandemic

Although generally optimistic, or at least objective, Bill Gates believes that there may still be problems with the Covid-19 pandemic The creator of Microsoft that the news that will arrive during the next months will not be good. “With winter (in the United States and Europe), the virus will multiply more when we spend more […]

what happened on a day like today

Like every day, these are some of the relevant events that happened on this same date but a few years ago. Find out what it is about On November 20, 1985 (35 years ago), Microsoft released its 16-bit graphical operating environment, Windows 1.0 which offered limited multitasking for MS-DOS programs. Windows 1.0 is considered a […]