Philippines Congratulates Nobel Peace Prize Winner Maria Ressa

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, October 11, 2021, congratulated senior journalist Maria Ressa on winning the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Manila called it a victory for the Philippines that was very pleasing to see. Ressa is the founder of the news site Rappler. Apart from Ressa, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize […]

Maria Reza presents Nobel Peace Prize to journalists News in Malayalam

Philippines : Famous Filipino journalist (Journalist) Of the Nobel Peace Prize (Nobel Peace Prize 2021) Maria Ressa (Mariya Ressa) The Nobel Prize was awarded to all journalists in the world. Maria Reza also said in an interview with AFP that she would continue her fight for media freedom. Maria said media workers now need a […]

The two deaths of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya

XAVIER COLS Mosc Updated Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 01:42 Fifteen years after his murder, the case is falsely closed A woman places flowers before a portrait of Anna Politkovskaya.AP Russia The secret plan of the Russian ‘death warriors’ in Belarus Russia A Russian LGBT family flees to Spain due to death threats after participating […]

Journalist who interviewed the Taliban fled their country

The journalist Beheshta Arghand, The first woman to interview the Taliban in August shortly after they took control of Afghanistan, has fled the country for fear of what might happen. Arghand of the Afghan network Tolo News made history by appearing bare-faced when interviewing a leader taliban on August 17, after the insurgents entered the […]

Hundreds of Moroccan women declare themselves “outlaws” to defend their freedom

Hundreds of Moroccan women have declared themselves “outlaws” by claiming to have violated their country’s “obsolete” laws on mores and abortion, in a manifesto published Monday in the name of individual freedoms. “We are outlawed. We are breaking unfair, obsolete laws that no longer apply. We have had sex outside of marriage. We have suffered, […]